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27 Mar 2024

Top tips for choosing a mobility bed

Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist

Choosing the right mobility bed is a decision that can significantly enhance comfort and quality of life for those needing extra support in bed. Whether it's due to age, medical conditions, or injury, an adjustable or mobility bed can be a game-changer. 

But with so many options available, and the fact that there are different mobility beds for various ailments, how do you know which one to choose?

What is a mobility bed?

Mobility beds, also known as adjustable beds, are designed to offer flexibility and support that traditional beds cannot. 

They allow you to  adjust the height and angle of the head and foot of the bed, helping you get more comfortable. This elevation can also support your mobility, allowing you to get in and out more easily.  These beds are invaluable for anyone facing challenges with mobility or certain health conditions.

Key features of a good mobility bed

When shopping for a mobility bed, it's essential to know what features are most beneficial. Here's what to keep an eye out for during your search. 


The core feature of a mobility bed is its adjustability. Look for beds that offer a wide range of positions. This flexibility can help with reducing back pain, alleviating snoring, and even improving digestion.

Mattress compatibility

Not all mattresses work well with adjustable beds. Memory foam, latex, and some innerspring mattresses are generally compatible, offering the flexibility and support needed. Check if the bed you're considering has mattress recommendations or bundles. 

For more advice, take a look at our guide to the best type of mattress for an adjustable bed.

Remote controls

The ease of use is significantly enhanced by intuitive remote controls or even smartphone apps. This makes adjusting the bed hassle-free, which is particularly important during the night or for individuals with limited mobility.

Height adjustability

For those with severe mobility issues, the height of the bed can be just as important as the adjustability of the sleeping surface. A bed that can be lowered for getting in and out easily, then raised to a comfortable height for getting dressed, can be incredibly beneficial.

Considerations for comfort and health

Before you decide on one mobility bed, it’s important to think about how conducive it is for your comfort and health. 

Sleep surface

Comfort is subjective, but a good starting point is looking for a bed that offers a supportive sleep surface. This can reduce pressure points and improve circulation, leading to a better night's sleep.

Health benefits

Adjustable beds can offer various health benefits, such as improving circulation, reducing swelling, and easing mobility. Discussing with a healthcare provider can help determine which features might benefit specific health conditions.

Practical considerations

Mobility beds can be sizeable pieces of furniture, so it’s a good idea to think of the practicalities involved before making your purchase. 

Space and size

Consider the size of the room and how much space the bed will take up, especially when adjusted. Also, think about who will use the bed — do you just need a single bed or are you a couple requiring a double mobility bed?  You might even want to consider a split design, allowing for individual adjustments.

Depending on your current room configuration, you may need to move some furniture around to accommodate your adjustable bed.

Trial periods and returns

Many companies offer trial periods for their beds. This can be a helpful way to try out your options and ensure the bed meets your needs. Look for generous trial periods and understand the return process before purchasing.

Warranty and after-sales support

A comprehensive warranty can provide peace of mind. Look for warranties that cover both the bed frame and the motor. After-sales support is also important, as it ensures you can get help when you need it.

Budgeting and making your purchase

Mobility beds are  an investment, but one that can make a huge difference to your quality of life. There are also plenty of financial options available to help you make your decision.


Mobility beds can be a significant investment. Prices vary widely based on features, size, and brand. Setting a budget beforehand can help narrow down your options.

Financing options

Some companies offer financing plans, making the purchase more manageable. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions before committing to a financing plan.

Research and reviews

Before making a decision, do thorough research. Read reviews, compare brands, and don't hesitate to reach out to manufacturers with any questions. Personal testimonials can also provide invaluable insights.


Installation and setup

You might need a professional to help you set up your mobility bed, especially if you have some movement issues yourself. A professional will make sure that your mobility bed is set up correctly.

Delivery and assembly

Consider the delivery process and whether the company offers installation services. Some beds may require professional assembly, especially those with more complex features.

Long-term considerations

Once installed, your mobility bed is not likely to need much tending to but it’s always useful to take note of the following. 


Understand the maintenance requirements of the bed. Some may need regular servicing to ensure the mechanical components remain in good working order.

Future needs

Consider how your needs may change over time. A bed that meets your current requirements but also offers additional features for future needs can be a wise investment.

Technology integration

Advancements in technology have introduced smart features into mobility beds, offering unprecedented comfort and convenience. Consider beds with integrated technologies such as sleep tracking, which monitors sleep patterns and provides insights for improvement. 

Some beds come equipped with built-in massage functions, USB ports for charging devices, and even under-bed lighting for added safety at night. These features can significantly enhance the user experience, promoting not just comfort but also a healthier sleep routine.

Emergency features

For individuals with severe mobility issues or health conditions, consider mobility beds with emergency features. 

These may include backup power supplies to ensure adjustability even during power outages, or emergency lowering functions that can be crucial in medical emergencies. Such features provide peace of mind and ensure safety and independence for the user and their caregivers.

Is your mobility bed compatible with other medical equipment

If the user requires additional medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks, CPAP machines, or hospital-grade monitors, it’s important to ensure the mobility bed is compatible. Some beds are designed with integrated rails or mounting points to securely attach medical devices. 

This compatibility can make a significant difference in convenience and safety, ensuring that all necessary equipment is easily accessible and well-integrated.

Choosing the right mobility bed

The journey to finding the right mobility bed involves careful consideration of both practical and personal factors. It's not just about improving sleep; it's about enhancing quality of life through better mobility, comfort, and health support. By prioritising what matters most to you and thoroughly researching your options, you can find a mobility bed that truly meets your needs.

Remember, the best mobility bed for you is one that not only fits your immediate needs but also can adapt to your lifestyle changes over time. Take your time, ask questions, and perhaps most importantly, try before you buy when possible.

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Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist
My goal is to help you make the most informed decision for your health needs. No smoke, no mirrors — just research-led guidance and money-saving advice.
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