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The SpotDif 2024 guide to mobility chairs

At SpotDif, we are dedicated to ironing out the unique features and common traits of mobility chairs across the UK. Our aim? To give you all the comprehensive details so you can select a mobility chair tailored to your requirements.

Selecting the ideal mobility chair should never feel like a hurdle. We make this journey easier for you by providing a detailed comparison of prices and features from leading mobility chair suppliers in the UK.

You have an array of choices just a click away, so now is the perfect time to explore and secure the mobility chair that fits you best. 

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A mobility chair rising to show it helps users out of the chair

What is a mobility chair?

Put simply, a mobility chair is a specialised type of mobility furniture designed to aid those with limited mobility. Unlike standard chairs, mobility chairs often feature adjustments for reclining, lifting, and swivelling to help ease the strain of sitting and standing. 

They’re ideal for individuals with mobility impairments, the elderly, or those recovering from surgery. Why? Because they encourage independence by facilitating movement with as little effort as possible. It’s a way for you to enjoy improved comfort, reduced risk of injury, and increased autonomy in your daily activities without worry.

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Comparing different types of mobility chairs available in the UK

Comparing mobility chairs to find the perfect fit isn't a decision you need to rush. Instead, take the time to research and understand your options when it comes to mobility furniture cost, comfort, adjustability, durability, and maintenance.

It's crucial to find a mobility chair that not only fits your mobility requirements but also integrates into your daily life, enhancing your comfort and independence.

Orthopaedic chairs

Orthopaedic chairs are designed to support your posture, alleviating back and spine discomfort. Featuring tailored support for the spine and joints, these chairs are especially beneficial for those experiencing chronic back pain or postural issues.


Price range in the UK: £200 - £1500

While orthopaedic chairs can be pricier than standard office or dining chairs, they’re a worthwhile investment if you wish to prioritise your spinal health. Costs can vary across the UK, reflecting the advanced ergonomic design and materials used.


Orthopaedic chairs are engineered for comfort, specifically to reduce back pain and enhance posture. Unlike mobility sofas, which prioritise space and general comfort, orthopaedic chairs offer targeted support, making them ideal for prolonged periods of sitting.


These chairs often feature multiple adjustability options, meaning you can adapt the seat height, back angle, and armrest positions, surpassing the customisability of rigid high-back chairs. This adjustability allows for a personalised setup that can help reduce physical stress and strain on the body.

Durability and maintenance

Orthopaedic chairs are built to withstand regular use. This is due to the durable materials used to maintain their supportive properties over time. Maintenance is typically minimal, though more complex mechanisms may require occasional checks. A small trade-off for the ergonomic benefits provided!

An image of a reclining mobility chair in a showroom

High-back chairs

High-back chairs offer superior upper back, neck, and head support, enhancing the body’s comfort and reducing strain. They’re ideal for individuals who spend a lot of the day seated or for those with upper body discomfort, as this type of mobility chair promotes a healthier seating posture.


Price range in the UK: £100 - £800

High-back chairs can be more affordable than other specialised mobility chair models like orthopaedic chairs, offering good value for money. Prices vary, but they generally offer a more cost-effective mobility chair solution for those seeking enhanced back and neck support without the premium price tag.


With their extended backrests, high-back chairs provide substantial support and comfort. This is particularly beneficial for upper spinal regions. This makes them more comfortable for extended use compared to standard chairs or some swivel recliners that may not offer the same level of back support.


While not as adjustable as some orthopaedic chairs, some high-back chairs often include features such as tilt and height adjustments, offering sufficient flexibility for different comfort needs.

Durability and maintenance

High-back chairs are typically robust and designed to withstand regular use in a home or office setting. Maintenance is generally straightforward, and mainly involves regular cleaning and occasional checks for any loose components that could impact performance.

A lady sat in a high-back mobility bed in a mobility furniture showroom

Mobility sofas

Mobility sofas are designed with built-in mechanisms for easier sitting and standing. Perfect if there’s more than one person in the household needing mobility furniture assistance. They’re available in various styles, including those with built-in recliners or lift functions. Beneficial for elderly users or those with mobility impairments, mobility sofas provide both functional support and domestic comfort when you need it most.


Price range in the UK: £500 - £3000

Mobility sofas typically have a higher price tag due to their advanced features and robust construction. While more expensive than standard sofas, the investment is well worth the enhanced independence and comfort they offer. What’s more, you can even share the experience with your loved ones, too.


Mobility sofas are designed with comfort in mind, offering plush seating and supportive backrests that surpass the general comfort of standard sofas and some high-back chairs. Their generous cushioning makes them ideal for prolonged sitting, providing a consistently cosy place to rest or socialise.


These sofas often include adjustable elements such as motorised reclining seats and lifting mechanisms, offering greater versatility than high-back chairs. 

Durability and maintenance

Mobility sofas are built to last, crafted with durable materials that are well-equipped for daily use. Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning and occasional mechanical checks, especially for models with motorised components. We think the slightly increased maintenance is a small trade-off for the mobility benefits!

A elderly couple sat on a mobility sofa

Swivel recliners

Swivel recliners combine the ability to rotate smoothly with reclining functions. Think of it as an electric recliner that can also spin in place. They utilise a base that allows 360-degree rotation, enhancing your ease of movement around the area. Ideal for those who require both comfort and the flexibility to adjust their orientation, swivel recliners cater to anyone seeking ease in movement —- all without leaving the seat.


Price range in the UK: £200 - £1500

Swivel recliners are generally mid-priced compared to other mobility chairs. They offer a balance between affordability and functionality, making them a cost-effective choice for those seeking added mobility without the higher price tag.


Swivel recliners provide superior comfort with their plush upholstery and the ability to recline into various angles. They offer more relaxation features than high-back chairs, with the added benefit of a swivel base that will allow you to turn 360 degrees with ease.


The adjustability of a swivel recliner is excellent, allowing multiple reclining positions and the convenience of rotation. It’s worth noting that this dual functionality is more advanced than that of standard high-back chairs.

Durability and maintenance

Swivel recliners are designed to be durable with high-quality mechanisms that are made to withstand frequent use. The maintenance routine of a swivel recliner is relatively straightforward — just make sure that you keep any mechanical parts lubricated and the fabric clean according to the supplier’s instructions. It’s worth noting that the swivel mechanism may also require occasional checks to ensure smooth operation.

A selection of mobility chairs in a row at a showroom

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Selecting the best mobility chair for your needs

Now we know all the different types of mobility chairs, it’s important to understand the scenarios in which each model excels.

Best mobility chair for spinal health

Orthopaedic chairs are specifically designed to support and improve spinal health or related mobility issues. With their ergonomically shaped backrests and adjustable settings, they help users maintain proper posture and alleviate back pain. 

Orthopaedic chairs are not to be skipped over if you suffer from chronic back issues, offering targeted support that other chairs cannot match.

Best mobility chair for upper-body support

High-back chairs provide extensive support for the entire upper body, including the neck, shoulders, and back. They are ideal for individuals who require additional support during prolonged periods of sitting. Unlike regular office chairs, high-back chairs have taller backrests and often include additional cushioning, making them perfect for enhancing comfort and reducing strain on the upper body.

Best mobility chair for shared seating

Mobility sofas are the go-to choice for shared seating, providing space and comfort for all friends, family, and visitors. These sofas feature adjustable parts that accommodate various mobility needs while fitting into your home’s aesthetic. They outshine regular sofas by offering accessibility features like lift assists and recliners, making them perfect for households where more than one person requires mobility support.

Best mobility chair for easy access and exit

Swivel recliners are the ultimate choice when it comes to easy access and exit. With their rotating base, you can effortlessly adjust your position without the need to stand — particularly beneficial if you find traditional chairs a bit too restrictive.

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