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The SpotDif 2024 guide to mobility furniture

At SpotDif, we’re committed to laying out the differences and similarities between the various models of mobility furniture available in the UK. Our goal? To provide you with all the essential information you need to find a piece of mobility furniture that suits your needs.

Comparing mobility furniture should never be a daunting task. It’s an opportunity for you to improve your mobility, and our website simplifies your decision-making process by finding the best prices from top mobility furniture suppliers in the UK.


We sat down with the knowledgable Skye and Kelly from Severn Physiotherapy to discuss all things mobility. Their first hand experience in advising the elderly provided us with a unique insight and helped us understand exactly what to look for when considering a piece of mobility furniture. Uncover the truth on mobility chairs and beds and then click compare to view your options.

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What is mobility furniture?

Mobility furniture includes specialised chairs, beds, and any other aids designed to support individuals with limited mobility. These furniture pieces work by providing specialist adjustable features such as rising seats, reclining backs, and the option of customisable positioning to enhance comfort and independence. 

Ideal for older people or those with mobility challenges, mobility furniture can significantly ease the pressure of day-to-day activities like sitting, sleeping, and standing. 

Whether you're exploring options for yourself or a loved one, mobility furniture offers a practical solution, helping the user maintain their autonomy in the home and improve their quality of life.

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Comparing the different types of mobility furniture available

As you’ll already know, mobility furniture comes in many different forms. With a range of mobility needs out there, it only makes sense to have a furniture type suited to each need, so this is important to remember when comparing mobility furniture.

Mobility chairs

https://spotdif.com/mobility-furniture/rise-and-recline are a type of mobility furniture that offers seated mobility support — designed to enhance the independence of those with mobility challenges. Some examples of mobility chairs include electric recliners and riser recliner chairs, designed to provide comfort and support to users.

Electric recliners are a type of motorised mobility chair that provides enhanced comfort and support, adjusting from a reclined to an upright position for individuals with joint pain or mobility issues. Its motorised controls allow for precise adjustments of seating positions, catering to a range of day-to-day activities like napping, reading, or TV watching.

Riser recliners are slightly different, as they assist users in moving from a seated to a standing position with the help of a forward-tilting mechanism. These chairs excel in adjustability with the capability to rise and tilt. 

If you'd like to do a bit more research on mobility chairs, why not take a look at our dedicated mobility chair comparison guide?

Mobility beds

Mobility beds offer ease of movement and positioning when lying down or getting out of bed. They offer users with mobility issues a newfound sense of independence to go about their day-to-day tasks.

Adjustable beds have a multi-hinged surface that can be positioned to support various body parts — all of which can be controlled remotely to adjust the head, feet, and middle section of the bed. This can be of benefit to users with conditions like back pain or sleep apnea.

Profiling beds take it a step further with electronically controlled adjustable sections for the head, knees, and feet, catering specifically to medical care needs for severe conditions like arthritis or spinal injuries. If you think a mobility bed could be for you, take a closer look at our mobility bed comparison page where we discuss everything you need to choose your ideal model.

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If you're not sure, don't worry, your provider will be able to guide you through this decision.

Comparing mobility furniture for specific circumstances

Bariatric furniture

Bariatric furniture is designed to support higher weights, featuring sturdy construction and broader dimensions. While typically more expensive than standard furniture options, its robust design ensures enhanced durability and comfort for plus-size users.

The cost reflects the specialised materials and design required for use. Maintenance is straightforward, focusing on regular checks to ensure structural integrity.

Price range for bariatric furniture in the UK

  • Bariatric chairs: £300 - £1500

  • Bariatric beds: £800 - £3000

  • Bariatric sofas: £500 - £2000

Swivel seats 

Swivel seats offer unique advantages in terms of mobility, allowing users to rotate their seats without standing — particularly beneficial for those with limited flexibility or joint pain. Generally less expensive than more complex mobility solutions like riser recliner chairs or adjustable beds, swivel seats integrate easily with existing furniture. However, they lack the extensive adjustability and support features of more specialised mobility aids. 

Price range for swivel seats in the UK

  • Basic swivel-seats (manual rotation): £20 - £50

  • Mid-range swivel seats (padded cushioning and sophisticated rotation mechanisms): £50 - £150 

  • Advanced swivel seats (motorised rotation for automatic assistance): £150 - £300

Transfer chairs and benches

Transfer chairs and benches are essential for safely moving individuals between different seating or lying positions. They are typically less costly than fully motorised furniture like profiling beds but are invaluable in preventing injuries during transfers. 

While offering limited comfort for extended use, their lightweight and functional design focuses on safety and ease of use rather than luxury. These items are usually highly durable, with minimal maintenance needed, though regular checks are recommended to maintain safety features.

Price range for transfer chairs and benches in the UK

  • Basic transfer benches: £30 - £100

  • Mid-range transfer chairs and benches: £100 - £300

  • Advanced transfer chairs: £300 - £700


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Comparing mobility furniture prices

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