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The SpotDif guide to mobility beds

Are you looking for a way to enhance your comfort and maintain your independence at home? You're in the right place. Mobility beds are designed with just that in mind — providing support, ease, and comfort to your daily life.

Whether you're navigating the challenges of age-related mobility issues, recovering from surgery, or managing a long-term health condition, mobility electric beds offer the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. With a focus on quality, innovation, and user-friendly design, mobility chairs and beds can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

From adjustable beds that contour to your body's needs to rotating chair beds that offer freedom and flexibility, they’re more than just furniture —they can be a helpful tool toward a more comfortable and independent lifestyle. But what are your accessibility options and how do you know which is the right choice for you?

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Compare Mobility Beds

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Do doctors recommend adjustable beds?

Absolutely! Doctors often recommend adjustable beds, especially for individuals with certain medical conditions. These beds can ease discomfort from various ailments like back pain, arthritis, and circulation issues. 

Adjustability means you can find the perfect sleeping position, reducing strain on your body. For example, a loved one or a patient living with chronic acid reflux, from an existing condition or as a result of different medications, sitting up at night will make their quality of life far more pleasant. Without a single mobility bed, a loved one may have to prop themselves up with several pillows every evening instead, which is far less comfortable than a mobility bed that can be adjusted to their exact requirements. Not only will it improve their quality of life, but it will also contribute to improved sleep, and muscular function as they won’t have to sleep in uncomfortable positions for an extended period.

If you’re exploring financial assistance options whilst searching for the right mobility bed, a doctor's recommendation can be helpful while you browse your choices. They will know your health conditions and will be able to advise appropriately. 

Can I get an adjustable bed on the NHS?

You might wonder, "Can I get an adjustable bed on the NHS?"

The answer is a bit nuanced. Generally, the NHS does not provide adjustable beds for home use. However, in certain cases where there's a clear medical need, it might be possible, but it’s definitely not a guarantee. But it’s absolutely vital that you discuss this with your GP, as they will have to carry out a formal service before you are granted a free mobility bed from the NHS. 

If you meet the criteria, you will receive a free mobility bed from either the NHS, your local council, or social services. It’s important to remember that an occupational therapist can also carry out an assessment in your home to see if you qualify for a mobility bed. They can guide you on your eligibility through NHS channels or advise on alternative support if you don’t.


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Which beds are good for people with poor mobility?

For those with poor mobility, finding the right bed might be one of the most important things to think about. 

Adjustable beds are a popular choice. They allow you to raise or lower different parts of the bed for maximum comfort and support. This feature can be a game-changer for getting in and out of bed with ease. Plus, with options like built-in massage functions and memory positions, these beds can significantly improve sleep quality and independence. Mobility beds for the elderly can also offer relief from pain, and minimise strain on various body parts.

Is an adjustable bed worth the price?

Thinking about the cost? Adjustable beds are an investment in your health and well-being. While they can be pricier than standard beds, their benefits often justify the cost. Improved sleep, reduced pain, and increased independence are invaluable. 

Plus, with various models and price ranges available, you can find one that fits your budget. Remember, it’s not just a bed, but it’s also a tool to help improve a loved one’s (or your own) quality of life.

How much does a mobility bed cost in the UK?

The cost varies based on features and quality. Generally, prices range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. It's important to balance cost with the features you need for comfort and health.

Basic adjustable beds: Entry-level adjustable beds can start at around £500 to £800. These may have limited features but still provide basic customisation options.

Mid-range adjustable beds: Mid-range models with more advanced features like massage functions and better build quality can range from £1,000 to £2,000.

High-end adjustable beds: Luxury adjustable beds with top-tier features can cost upwards of £2,000 to £5,000 or more.

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Can I get an adjustable bed on disability?

No, you cannot. Various grants and funding options are available for individuals who are disabled, such as PIP allowances, or Adult Disability Payment, but these do not entitle you to a mobility bed. However, charities and local councils such as Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust and Royal British Legion Equipment and Adaptations Grant, might be able to offer financial assistance. It’s worth exploring all avenues to get the support you need.

What are the disadvantages of an adjustable bed?

While adjustable beds offer numerous benefits, they do have a few downsides. They can be more expensive than traditional beds, require more maintenance, and their weight and size might make them difficult to move. However, for many, the advantages far outweigh these factors. The pros of electric disability beds include improved sleep, pain relief, and an increased sense of independence for many loved ones living with chronic illnesses. 

Can you put a normal mattress on an adjustable bed?

It's best to use a mattress specifically designed for adjustable beds. Regular mattresses may not flex as needed and could wear out quickly when used on an adjustable base. 

Memory foam, latex, or specially designed innerspring mattresses are usually the best choices. This is because a mobility bed moves around much more than a regular bed frame, and the mattresses designed for regular beds are meant to retain their horizontal shape. Standard mattresses might get damaged on a mobility bed, and cause the sleeper to be uncomfortable. 


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Compare Mobility Beds

Find your perfect mobility bed supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of providers

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