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Do solar panels work in Ireland?

Find great deals on solar panels with SpotDif — if you're looking for how much do solar panels cost, we’ll compare local suppliers in Ireland to find you the best solar panel price.

Thousands of homeowners in Ireland have already switched to solar energy — and it’s easy to see why. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels harness powerful, free energy from the sun, converting it into clean green energy to power your home. It's better for the environment and your wallet.

You want to do your bit for the planet and guard against ever-rising energy bills. But getting started can be a challenge. At SpotDif, we'll help you find the best solar panels in Ireland, from solar panel price to performance to installation. Then you can make an informed decision about the right energy choices for your home or business.

Solar PV panels have become increasingly popular to counteract rising energy costs. After all, sunlight is free. And while the amount of solar radiation that reaches different parts of the country varies, it's still a valuable form of energy.

Whilst Ireland may not boast a Mediterranean climate, solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work, which means they're still able to save you money on your energy bills. On average, each panel converts around 15% to 20% of solar power into energy.


Solar panels for homes and businesses in Ireland

It is estimated that 1 million roofs in Ireland are suitable for solar panel installation. So whether you're a business or a home, your roof could be saving you money on your energy bills right now. And SpotDif can help you find out how. 

Sustainability is a big buzzword for business. And SpotDif can help your office, factory, or farm find the best solar PV panels in Ireland at the right price. Once installed, you'll benefit from an endless supply of clean energy, so you're not reliant on fossil fuels. Your business gets energy security when it needs it. And you can bring down energy overheads while supporting your carbon reduction efforts.

For your home, solar panels can become a new source of income. With enough panels installed you can cover the costs of the panel installation, your energy bills and then feed excess energy back to the grid. This can earn you 15 cent per kWh which could become hundreds of euro over time.

Pros and cons for solar panels in Ireland

We can't decide if solar panels are right for you but we can give you some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros: There's been a dramatic drop in rooftop solar panel price in recent years, so there are some significant savings to be made on your bills. You can even support your community by getting energy credits for the clean electricity you send back into the community grid.

Cons: Of course, not every roof is suitable for solar panels in Ireland and the return of investment may take a little longer than warmer countries. But the energy choice and independence are considered by many to be worth it.

Compare solar panels in Ireland with SpotDif

Want to find out how to get started with solar? Start your SpotDif search today.

We're committed to saving you time by comparing deals quickly. It only takes a minute to get started. As a result, you could start saving on your energy bills.

Find the best solar panel suppliers in Ireland

It takes time and effort to trawl through a manufacturer’s website, comparing prices and reviews. We’ll match you with the best solar PV panels in Ireland, so making the right decision is a breeze.

To save you time and money, we’ll ask you a few questions about your solar panel requirements. It only takes a minute to find quotes from major solar panel providers, so you can start saving the planet and reducing your bills in seconds.

What kind of solar panels are available?

If you're wondering which solar panels are best, we've gathered together the different kinds that are available below:

Solar PV Panels help you generate your own electricity by transforming the sun's power into an electrical current. Even in a grid outage, you'll have a reliable energy source, and grants are available for installation. Once your panels are up and running, you can even send excess power back to the grid.

Solar thermals use the sun's power to provide free hot water for your home. You can reduce your carbon footprint and bills fast. And with no moving parts, your panels require minimal maintenance.

A combination of PV and thermal panels is a great way to cover all your energy needs and be energy independent. Find the best quotes for solar panels in Ireland with SpotDif.


What type of home can have solar panels installed?

Solar panels are suitable for most homes. However, if you own an older property, you'll need to have your roof assessed for suitability as it may be too weak to hold the panels. Most installers will give you option to improve the roof structure so you can have solar panels installed. 

You can install solar panels yourself, and for most installations, you won't need planning permission. However, it's best to check with the local authority if you live in a protected area or if your home is a protected building.

The solar panel installation process

Installing solar panels requires patience and attention to detail. So unless you have excellent DIY skills, it’s a job best left to the professionals. Experienced fitters can install most solar systems within one day, which means you'll be up and running in no time. If you need certificates for your installation they will also be able to provide these. If you’ve applied for a Solar PV Grant, you must use a SEAI-approved installer.

Here's what you can expect from the installation process with a professional:

  • A professional will install the panels on your roof.
  • They’ll then install a solar inverter and meter so you can start generating usable energy and record the amount you produce.
  • If required, a battery is installed to store excess energy for use in unfavorable weather.
  • The system undergoes a diagnostic test to ensure everything operates correctly. 

How much are solar panels in Ireland?

No two homes or businesses have identical energy usage. So the number of solar panels required and the size of your battery array impacts the overall cost of your installation. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay

A two-bed terraced house using 3.28 kWp averages €6000

A semi-detached, three-bed home using 4.1 kWp averages €7000

A detached, four-bed home using 4.9kWp averages €8000

SEAI Domestic Solar PV Grants are available so that you can reduce the cost of installation by up to €2400. Find up-to-date information on grants and the best deals and solar panel price here at SpotDif.

How many solar panels do I need in Ireland?

As with cost, the number of solar panels you need depends on a few factors:

  • The amount of energy you use

  • The size of your roof

  • Your energy goals

  • Sunshine hours in your region 

Typical household usage in Ireland is 4200kW/h. So the typical Irish household needs:

  • Ten 400kW panels

  • 28 sqm of roof space

Are you interested in reducing your energy usage? We'll help you find the best deals on energy-efficient technology and appliances to help you cut your bills.

Working out how many solar panels your home requires

Calculating your solar needs is relatively straightforward:

  • Your electricity bill will show you your energy consumption in kW/h. You can use this to calculate your yearly energy needs.
  • Decide whether you want to cover all or some of your usage with solar energy. This decision will significantly impact the cost of your system and the number of panels you require.
  • Calculate the size of your roof, leaving a 30cm gap from the roof’s edge. The average panel requires 1.4 sq.m of roof space.

If you can't meet your required energy needs with a roof installation, you can opt for top-of-the-range monocrystalline panels with higher energy efficiency or choose to have some or all of your panels installed on the ground.

Are solar panels efficient in Ireland?

Surprisingly enough, you don’t need year-round sun to generate green energy. So solar panels in Ireland can still be an energy-efficient and sustainable choice. The best solar PV panels in Ireland operate without requiring direct sunlight, so you can still power your home even when the weather conditions aren’t optimal.

How much energy can you expect to generate?

It’s estimated that a medium-sized solar PV array in Ireland will generate around 3000kW/h of electricity. That’s enough to cover 70% of the energy needs of the average Irish home. 

Due to the Irish climate, you'll generate 75% of your energy between May and September. So you may want to consider adjusting your system to benefit from solar thermal panels to heat your water and a battery for energy storage. These will allow your home to harness your green energy for longer.

Saving money on your energy bills with solar panels 

Solar panels have plenty of benefits for Irish households. But if you're considering installing PV panels to reduce your energy bills, will you save money? The answer is yes. For the average household, a PV system that generates around 1700kW/h annually will reduce your bills by €560 a year. 

But what’s the return on your investment? And how quickly will your solar PV panels pay for themselves? Here’s a rough guide:

  • An eight-panel array can yield a 34% return on your investment, meaning your panels will pay for themselves in just over three years. And you'll save 994kg of C02 a year - equivalent to a flight from Dublin to New York.
  • With a 10-panel array, you can expect a return of 37%, meaning your panels pay for themselves in 3 years, and you’ll save 1000kg of C02 or the equivalent of planting 239 trees.
  • For a 12-panel array to power a four-bed house, your return will be 31.5%, and your system will pay for itself in three years and six months. Did you know that this equates to saving 2000kg of CO2 —  the equivalent of planting 302 trees?

For the best deals on your solar PV panels in Ireland and the best solar panel price, SpotDif has you covered.

What grants are available for solar panels in Ireland?

If you're considering installing solar panels in Ireland, you could be in line for an SEAI Solar Electricity Grant. All homeowners whose property was built before 2021 can apply for the Solar PV Grant.

It’s important to remember that the Solar PV Grant covers small installations only:

  • €900 per kWp capped at €1800 or 2kWp.
  • €300 per additional kWp up to €2400 or 4kWp.

What are the best solar PV panels in Ireland?

Different types of solar panels are available. However, the best solar PV panels in Ireland are Monocrystalline panels. These best-in-class arrays are highly efficient, converting more sunlight to energy than other PV panels. They’re also a great solution where roof space is limited.

Depending on your budget, polycrystalline PV panels are a more affordable choice, although they're less efficient than monocrystalline panels.

Are solar panels the best choice for your home?

Solar panels are a great choice if you want to reduce your bills and carbon footprint. And because the best solar PV panels don’t require direct sunlight to generate electricity, they’re the right choice whether you live in the South of France or Sligo.

In fact, solar panels have been known to overheat in warm countries. So the cooler temperatures in Ireland are ideal for efficient operation. Solar panels can even be efficient in the depths of winter because of the albedo effect, which reflects sunlight off the snow.

The energy efficiency of your solar panels in Ireland is affected by four main factors:

The efficiency of your solar panels

The more efficient your solar PV panels, the more electricity you can generate. Monocrystalline panels are significantly more efficient than polycrystalline panels, although they cost more to install.

Panel orientation

A south-facing installation maximises the amount of power you can generate in Ireland. However, west and east-facing panels will generate significant energy throughout the day.

Panel tilt

Aim for an ideal tilt of 30 degrees from horizontal, using brackets if necessary. Most pitched roofs have an angle of 30 degrees. However, a shallow slope may be better in summer.

Weather conditions

As you might imagine, the sunnier it is, the more energy you generate. However, orienting your panels east-west can help you pick up available sunlight from sunrise to sunset and make the most of DC over-sizing.

Is your roof suitable for solar panels in Ireland?

Roof installations are by far the most popular in Ireland. And with an estimated 1 million roofs suitable for solar panels, you could be looking at significant energy savings. However, ensuring that your roof is strong enough to support your required array is essential.

Most modern roofs are robust enough to stand up to a solar installation. However, if you own a period home with a slate roof, it's worth having an installer run a suitability check and suggest alternative solutions. If you live in a protected building or an architectural conservation area, always check with your local authority before proceeding.

Remember that an average home needs a 4kWp system. That takes up 28 sq.m of space for an efficient installation.


What maintenance do solar panels need?

Your solar PV panels will have a lifespan of 25-30 years. But to get the best out of your system, you must undertake regular maintenance. It's essential to have the panels regularly checked by the installer and to keep them clean at all times.

Here’s how to keep your solar panels free of dirt so they perform efficiently:

  • Use a specialist cleaning kit, including a biodegradable cleaning product. Mix the soap with water and apply gently with a soft brush or cloth. Never use anything abrasive, as you risk damaging the panels. Finally, rinse clean with a hosepipe.
  • Aim to clean your solar panels once a month so they only require a rinse with a hosepipe between times.
  • Get rid of any dirt, grime or bird droppings as soon as they appear. Stubborn dirt can be difficult to shift and impacts the efficiency of your panels.
  • Call the experts if you can't clean the panels without getting on the roof.

How to maximize solar panel performance 

Solar panels are a significant investment. Therefore it makes sense to maximise their performance to get the best possible return on your cash.

We’ve put together a few simple tips to keep your panels operating at peak performance for optimum energy generation:

  • Optimise panel orientation: Your PV panels perform best when they receive sunshine day round. So take the time to ensure your panels are correctly angled and aligned to capture the sun's energy throughout the day.
  • Minimise shading: Trim trees and bushes or remove other obstacles that might create shade and stop your panels from working efficiently.

  • Track performance: Document your system's performance to ensure it's generating electricity in line with expectations. It's worth noting overcast days to pinpoint the cause of any significant drop in energy generation.

  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances: The more energy-efficient your appliances, the higher the percentage of your energy needs you can cover.

  • Check that your inverters are flashing green: If they're not, you're no longer compensating for electricity use and losing money.

    However, if your panels are old, damaged, or underperforming, it may be time to replace them. In this case, SpotDif can match you with qualified installers for maintenance, repair or a new solar PV system. Get started by clicking the button and go solar in Ireland today.

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Find the best solar panel deals in Ireland with SpotDif

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