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Solar panel grants and schemes in Ireland

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Your guide to solar panel grants in Ireland

Are you browsing grants for solar panels in Ireland? Solar panels are a standout choice for reducing environmental impact, but the initial cost can be a concern. Thankfully, solar panel grants in Ireland are here to help. They offer financial assistance, making solar energy more accessible and budget-friendly.

Why go solar? It's about cleaner energy and potential bill savings. Solar panels transform sunlight into electricity, lessening your reliance on traditional, costlier energy sources. Ireland's push towards a greener future is evident in the range of solar panel grants and schemes available. These initiatives are designed to make solar energy a practical option for homes and businesses alike.

For Irish homeowners and business owners, navigating these options is key. And that's where SpotDif comes in. With our comparison tool, finding the right solar panel providers and installation companies in Ireland is a breeze. We help you sift through the choices, ensuring you find the perfect match for your solar needs.

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And how about finding the right provider? SpotDif is here to assist. We make it straightforward for you to search and compare top-quality solar panel providers and installation companies. Our goal is to help you navigate these options, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs and budget. With us, you're just a few clicks away from making a well-informed solar energy decision. 

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Solar Panel Comparisons

Find your perfect solar panel supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of Irish providers 

Is it worth getting solar panels in Ireland?

Before we look at funding your solar panels, let’s dive into the common question of whether or not solar panels work in Ireland. The short answer is: absolutely! They can offer reduced energy bills, environmental benefits, energy independence, and increased property value. 

Despite Ireland's weather, solar panels work efficiently — even in the rain. Plus, you don’t usually require planning permission for small-scale residential installations. 

The costs vary but are offset by long-term savings and government grants. Overall, solar panels provide a good return on investment, enhancing your property's value — and boosting your green credentials.

Solar panels fitted onto multiple roofs

How to find solar panel grants in Ireland

Before you start searching for solar panel companies near you, it can be helpful to see what grants and finance support options you might be eligible for. After all, grants for solar panels in Ireland vary in their offerings, from simple subsidies to more intricate schemes. They cater to different needs, ensuring that whether you're upgrading your family home or your business, solar panels are within reach.

Once you know where to look, finding and applying for solar panel grants is straightforward. Your best bet for finding the right solar panel funding in Ireland is to take a look at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) website. It's your go-to for the latest on solar panel grants. 

For a wider search, grant-finding tools can show more options, tailored to your needs.

  • Check your eligibility: Remember, each grant has its criteria. So think about your property type, location, and energy needs — it's crucial to make sure you tick all the boxes.

  • Application time: Found a grant you qualify for? Great — now it’s time to fill out the application form, either online or on paper. You'll need to give details about your property and how you use energy. Be clear and thorough — show why you're a perfect fit for the grant.

  • Documentation matters: Sometimes, you'll need to provide extra bits like energy bills or installation plans. Get these ready to make your application shine.

  • Keep an eye on deadlines: Missing the cut-off point could mean waiting longer for another chance to get support with your solar panel financing.

Grants for domestic solar panels in Ireland

Are you a homeowner, landlord, or tenant looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency? As mentioned, the SEAI website is a great place to start your search for solar panel grants. And here’s an insight into some domestic grants and schemes you might be able to access.

Each of these grants offers a unique opportunity to embrace renewable energy, with benefits like lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. They make transitioning to solar energy both affordable and straightforward for Irish homeowners.

Solar panels fitted onto a roof

Solar PV Scheme

The Solar PV Scheme (or Solar Electricity Grant) is all about converting Irish sunshine into electricity. This solar panel grant has been running since July 2018 and is open to all homeowners, including private landlords, as long as the home was built and occupied before 31st December 2020.

You can receive up to €2100 but will need to get your solar panels from an approved supplier. It's a smart move for reducing electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

Solar Water Heating Grant

The Solar Water Heating Grant encourages you to switch to a solar-powered water heating system. It's available to homeowners whose properties were built and occupied before 2021, making it a great option for newer build homes. 

You’ll receive a fixed grant — currently standing at €1200 — which can significantly reduce your installation costs. It's an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to heat your water using the power of the sun, cutting down on traditional energy use.

One Stop Shop Service

For a hassle-free upgrade to your home's energy efficiency, the One Stop Shop Service is ideal. They offer end-to-end support — from initial advice in choosing the right upgrades (like solar panels), to installation, and even help with the grant application process. This service is perfect for homeowners looking for a comprehensive solution to make their homes greener and more energy-efficient.

To be eligible for this scheme, your property needs to have been built and occupied before 2011 and have an existing building energy rating (BER) of B3 or lower.

Solar Panel Comparisons

Find your perfect solar panel supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of Irish providers 

Grants for commercial and business solar panels in Ireland

There’s a lot of focus on helping homeowners embrace solar power — but what about businesses? No matter what size company you’re part of or what industry you’re in, there are some helpful solar panel grants to help improve your energy efficiency and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Non-Domestic Microgen Grant

Great news for a wide range of businesses and organisations — the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant offers a substantial boost with up to €162,600 for installing solar panels. 

This grant is a game-changer for public sector bodies such as schools, community centres, and non-profit societies. It's an excellent opportunity to switch to renewable energy while significantly reducing installation costs. By taking advantage of this grant, you're not just cutting down on energy bills — you're also showcasing a commitment to sustainability and making a positive environmental impact.

In July 2023, the Irish government announced an update to this solar panel grant to help more people access it. They removed planning permission requirements to install solar panels. 

At the same time, they reduced VAT to 0% for the supply and installation of solar panels on homes. As Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communication suggested, this is perhaps part of the reason the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland saw record levels of applications in 2022 and 2023. He said that around “60,000 homes  [are] now registered as microgenerators.”

Solar Capital Investment Scheme

Thinking of a larger-scale solar project? The Solar Capital Investment Scheme is tailored for you. Aimed at businesses, community groups, and the agricultural sector, this scheme supports substantial solar investments. It covers a significant part of the installation cost, making it an attractive option for those looking to make a considerable impact on their energy efficiency and carbon footprint. This grant is perfect for businesses and organisations aiming to invest in a sustainable and financially beneficial future.

Both of these grants represent a fantastic opportunity for Irish businesses and organisations to embrace solar energy, offering both environmental and financial benefits. 

Solar panels on industrial units and warehouses

Previous solar panel grants in Ireland

In Ireland, there are many solar panel grants available, and new incentives often emerge. Understanding past grants and schemes is insightful. It shows how solar panel funding has evolved in Ireland and hints at possible future initiatives. This historical perspective helps gauge what's worked well and might shape upcoming opportunities for solar energy funding. Keep an eye out for new developments in this dynamic field.

Building Blocks - Improvement Grant

The Building Blocks - Improvement Grant was open until 2023 — any projects receiving funding had to be complete by December 2023. This grant was aimed at supporting ELC (Early Learning and Care Services) and SAC (School Age Childcare Services) organisations in making smaller-scale energy improvements. 

Whether it was upgrading insulation or installing more efficient heating systems, this grant made such improvements more accessible. Organisations could receive up to  €75,000,  which could go towards solar panel installation as well as other building improvements.

Deep Retrofit Grant

Running until 2020, the Deep Retrofit Grant was designed for comprehensive home energy upgrades. It focused on significant renovations that dramatically improved energy efficiency. This could include a combination of insulation, window replacements, and renewable energy installations like solar panels. The goal? To significantly reduce energy bills and enhance the overall comfort of homes.

These grants played a crucial role in progressing Ireland's environmental goals. They may have ended, but they paved the way for future schemes. Wondering what's next in Ireland's green energy journey? Stay tuned for new initiatives that continue to promote sustainable living.

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Whether you’re looking for solar panels for your home, a property you rent out, or a commercial space, there are grants available to help reduce the cost. Ready to find a suitable solar panel provider or installation company? Compare trusted solar panel companies across Ireland with SpotDif.

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Solar Panel Comparisons

Find your perfect solar panel supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of Irish providers
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Solar Panel Comparisons

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