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Gas boiler guide

We’re here to help you find the right gas boiler at the best price.

With endless options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start when looking for a new gas boiler. We compare gas boilers from across the UK so that you can find the right supplier at the best possible price. But before you start searching, it's important to know what type of boiler you need.


There are a wide range of gas boilers out there on the UK market, meaning you’ll want to make your decision carefully. You can compare combi boilers, new gas boilers and other types of boilers but we recommend you read our guide below first.

These gas boilers are popular choice for hot water and heating in UK homes

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Conventional boilers
Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers are the staple option for most homeowners who have a gas boiler in the UK. Conventional boilers are comprised of a hot water storage tank and a cold water storage tank, providing hot water for both domestic use and central heating. 

Combi boilers
Combi boilers

Another favourite of homeowners in the UK. A combi (or combination boiler) is popular due to its practical size. Because of its simple yet functional design, it requires little space. A combi-boiler works by supplying hot water directly to your taps and radiations, without any need for a storage tank. 

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System boilers
System boilers

If you’re looking for a boiler that can heat a large home, then a system boiler is a great choice. It features a separate cylinder which stores water, meaning the gas boiler can keep up with higher demands for heating the home and supplying hot water. Whereas a combi boiler only heats up water when it's needed, the cylinder feature on the system boiler provides a continuous supply of hot water.

These condensing boilers are the efficient type of boilers.
Condensing boilers

A condensing boiler is a good option for those looking to improve their energy efficiency. This boiler works by converting evaporated or condensed water into heat.

This heat only boiler heats water quickly
A heat only boiler

This boiler does what it says on the tin: it provides heat only, meaning it won’t warm up water. This option is cheaper than other boilers, but also is fairly limited in use. If, however, you want to heat a space which doesn’t require any running water, then this gas boiler is a good, cost-efficient option.

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Finding gas boilers in the UK

Now that we’ve established the different types of boilers available, it’s time to work out which type of boiler is the right fit for you and compare gas boilers to suit your needs. Although you may have a certain boiler in mind, there are still endless gas boiler models to choose from in the UK. Luckily, you don’t have to make this decision alone.

Are gas boilers still worth it?

In 2021, the government published its Heat and Buildings Strategy, proposing to stop the installation of high-carbon gas boilers by 2035 in efforts to tackle climate change. One of the best ways to continue to heat your home with a gas boiler is by replacing old boilers with a modern, energy efficient model. Efficient models cut heating costs, lower your carbon footprint and contribute to lower greenhouse gas emission.

Although there have been some rumours that gas boilers will be banned, this is not the case. The government’s new ruling only applies to houses that are being built post-2025. If, however, your gas boiler is very old, you may be required to replace it to ensure it is energy-efficient. If you'd like to explore electric boilers, you can read more about them here.

Compare gas boiler quotes with SpotDif

It only takes a few minutes to compare gas boilers and their prices in the UK with SpotDif. Simply click on the Compare Now button to answer some of our questions. This helps us find the best results for your needs.  We’ll ask you a few simple questions to get a more accurate understanding of what you are looking for, then we can pair you with the best gas boiler suppliers and installers in your area. Want to know more about gas boilers before finding your supplier? Read on for an in-depth guide and useful tips and tricks regarding boiler installation.

How do gas boilers work?

A gas boiler is essentially a large furnace controlled by your thermostat. Its purpose is to heat your building and provide hot water to your taps. The hot water is produced by your boiler, which is then pumped through radiators when the central heating is switched on, keeping you warm in those cooler evenings.

Although there are a wide range of boilers on the market, they all essentially work the same way. The type of boiler determines how the hot water is stored and pumped through pipes. A combi-gas boiler lets the hot water travel directly through showers and taps, whereas a systems boiler transfers and stores the water in a separate tank. 

Because central heating essentially functions like a circuit, it is constant. The same water is used again and again and, whilst you may need to top up the pressure within your radiators occasionally, it is a fuss-free way to heat your homes. 

Your central heating is typically controlled by a thermostat, giving you control over when, and to what temperature, your home is heated at.

What’s inside a gas boiler?

Although gas boilers are easy to use, they’re made up of a rather technical mechanism. Luckily for you, the experts have already done all of the hard stuff; all that’s required of you is to turn the boiler on, ready to heat your home. 

The main individual elements of a gas boiler include:

  • A valve, which enables gas to enter into the combustion chamber.

  • A gas burner, which burns gas, emitting the heat needed for your building and its water systems.

  • A fan, or pump, which pushes the water out of the boiler, flowing either directly into the system (e.g in a combi boiler), or into a storage tank located in a separate cylinder (as in a systems boiler).

  • A waste, or flue, pipe is essential for the safety of the boiler. This pipe connects your boiler to an external part of your property, enabling harmful by-products such as carbon monoxide to be released.

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Which gas boilers are best for your home?

Every home is different so it makes sense that the type of boiler you need will vary depending on your property. Here are a couple of key areas to consider:

  • Size: The size of the boiler should be determined by the heating and hot water requirements of your home. You want to choose the right size boiler to ensure you’re not spending unnecessarily, wasting energy and paying higher bills then you need to. If, however, you have multiple bathrooms in your home, then a larger boiler may be preferable. 

  • Additional features: Some suppliers add additional features to their boilers to give you more control. These features can include digital controls, wireless connectivity, higher energy efficiency ratings, and extended warranties. Whether this is right for you depends on your own requirements. These features may also be more costly initially, but they can give you greater control over the heating of your home and could save you money over the years.

Let’s put this into context. If, for example, you live in a one bedroom flat then a small combi boiler could be the best match for your home. Combi boilers can be connected to the mains, and heat up your radiator and taps instantly. We suggest that if you want to compare combi boilers, you use SpotDif.

A three-bedroom house, with lots of floors, could need a system boiler to meet the demand. If your house is draughty, then this could be especially poignant in winter months. Because a system boiler stores the heat in its cylinder, it can supply a constant flow of heat. 

If you have even more bedrooms and bathrooms, then you want to look at pricier, larger models. Although the initial cost can be rather high, it’s actually a very cost-effective way to heat the home, as it prevents dwellers of the top room from sneakily turning on their own electric heaters when the temperatures drop. 

How much is a new gas boiler?

A new gas boiler can cost between £1000-£4000, including installation prices. The range is large because it depends on a number of factors, including the size of the gas boiler, and any additional amenities and functions the boiler may have.

Things to look for include:

  • The type of boiler
  • Its manufacturer and model
  • The cost to move the boiler
  • Whether you’re replacing a model, or installing a new model
  • The charging rates of the installer
  • The efficiency of the boiler

Compare gas boilers in the UK with SpotDif

At SpotDif, we’re here to help you find the best deals on all gas boilers, whether you’re looking to compare combi boilers, heat only boilers or another type of gas boiler, all across the UK. We do all the work for you by comparing prices from a range of suppliers across the country, finding the best deals for you and your home.
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