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Electric boilers price comparison

Are you thinking of switching to an electric boiler? Save money on your new system when you compare the cost with SpotDif.

Electric boilers are fast becoming a viable alternative to gas boilers in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. With gas prices rising, you may be thinking of switching to cleaner, greener energy.

You should always talk to a heating professional when considering a new boiler. That's why we make it straightforward to get the best electric boiler quotes in your area. Just click Start My Comparison, and you're just a few questions away from finding the best boilers for your budget.


Why choose an electric boiler: an overview

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint fast, an electrical boiler could be the right choice. Electric boilers are far more efficient than gas or fuel systems and produce lower emissions. You won't need to locate your boiler on an outside wall because there are no waste gases to vent. And with no moving parts, your boiler is virtually silent.

Best of all, electric central heating boilers are a great choice if you generate some or all of your energy via solar PV panels for zero emissions.

How do electric boilers work?

When it comes down to it, there's little difference when you compare electric boilers vs gas boilers. Both use energy to heat water to power your heating system. 

Essentially, your boiler is like an enormous kettle. So instead of burning gas to heat the water in your system, electric boilers use a heating element. The water is pumped around your radiators and flows through your showers and taps. 

Choosing a new boiler can be challenging, which is why we make it easy for you to find a qualified installer in your area.

Should you replace your gas boiler with an electric one?

If you live in an older property, there are no plans to phase out gas and oil boilers. But if you’re not on mains gas and you don’t have space for a stand-alone oil tank, it could be worth comparing prices on electric boilers.

Just like gas boilers, electric central heating boilers can be heat only, system or combi-boilers. A heat-only system requires a hot and cold water tank. In contrast, a system boiler is a neat all-in-one solution with an integrated hot water cylinder designed to fit in a standard airing cupboard. Both are excellent solutions for homes with higher heating and hot water demand.

A combi-boiler delivers hot water and heat on demand, so it doesn’t require a separate hot water tank. Electric combi-boilers are a fantastic space-saving solution for smaller homes. Why not compare prices on different boilers using our quick quotes to save you time and money?

A boiler is the heart of your central heating system. And if you're thinking of transitioning from gas or oil to electric, there's plenty to consider. We've put together all the information you need to know on everything from installation and running costs to finding the right boiler for your home. So find your next electric central heating boiler with SpotDif today.

Find the best electric boiler suppliers in the UK 

Electrical boilers are rapidly gaining in popularity. But trawling through review sites or comparing information across manufacturer's websites takes time and effort. 

We can match you with the best boiler suppliers and installers across the UK, saving you time and money. So when you're ready to switch to an electric boiler, we'll get you the quotes you need in seconds.

What kind of electric boilers are modern homes built with?

After 2025, all gas and oil boilers will be phased out across new build properties. Heat pumps are quickly gaining ground as a viable way to heat your home. Still, they work best with large radiators or underfloor heating. If your home has older-style radiators, you may find an electric central heating boiler is the best choice for sustainable heating.

In the UK, electric combi-boilers are by far the most popular choice for modern homes. They’re space-saving as they can often be wall-mounted, highly efficient and supply both heat and hot water on demand for instant control over your energy usage and bills.


Which electric boiler is best for your home?

Compare prices using our handy search tool for the best deals in your area. Finding the best electrical central heating boilers for your home depends on several factors.

  • The size of your home

  • The number of radiators

  • Your hot water needs

  • The level of insulation in your home

Larger properties that require a large amount of hot water will need a standard or system boiler. These boilers have a separate hot water tank and a higher kilowatt (kW) output.

An electric combi-boiler is a great choice for a smaller property. But it’s best to have a home assessment by a qualified engineer to find the best boiler solutions for your property. Just use our comparison tool to find a certified installer in your area.

How much do electric boilers cost in the UK?

Comparatively speaking, electric boilers and gas boilers are roughly the same when it comes to upfront costs. So you’ll find budget models for as little as £900 and premium models costing up to £5,000.

What are the differences between heat-only, system and combi boilers

Both gas and electric boilers are available in three types: heating-only or standard, system and combi-boilers.

  • Heating only or standard boilers heat your radiators and hot water, which is then stored in a separate tank. They're a fantastic choice for larger households who need plenty of hot water and can't wait for a combi to do the job.

  • System boilers are an ideal all-in-one solution when you need the power of a standard boiler but are short on space. These systems integrate all the components into one boiler that fits a standard airing cupboard.

  • Combi boilers are definitely the most popular electric boilers in the UK. They're ideal for smaller homes, supplying heat and hot water on demand for instant control. But not all boilers are created equal, so find the best deals on boilers and installation using our handy search tool.




Advantages of electric boilers vs gas boilers

A gas boiler may be the cheapest way to heat your home, but that comes at a price. And as the UK transitions to clean, green energy, switching to an electric boiler now could see you make savings in the future. If you’re ready to switch to a more sustainable way to heat your home, here’s how electric boilers stack up against their gas counterparts:

  • Electrical boilers are 99-100% efficient

  • Electric central heating boilers are easy to install because they don’t require additional pipework or an exterior wall

  • An electrical boiler is much safer, with zero chance of harmful gas leaks

  • Electrical boilers are lightweight, compact and virtually silent 

  • An electric boiler doesn't need an annual service, and maintenance is minimal

  • You can power your boiler using solar energy

Additional savings with electric boiler choices

There are many ways to make savings on your energy bills with electric boilers:

  • Heat water at off-peak rates

  • Make sure your insulation levels conform to or exceed current guidelines

  • Run your electric boiler with solar PV panels and a battery

It's also worth bearing in mind that your electrical boiler's greater efficiency also offsets the high running costs. For example, if your gas boiler is 93% efficient, you'll waste 7p in every £1 you spend on electricity. And an electric boiler uses only half as much energy to create the same amount of heat.

How much do electrical boilers cost to run in the UK?

If you're considering electric boilers vs gas boilers, it's worth looking at the total cost of your new system. So when you're choosing a new boiler, you need to consider the following:

  • The upfront cost of your new boiler. Both boilers can cost anywhere between £500 - £2,000.

  • Installation costs, including upgrading your home electrical system to meet the needs of your new boiler. Prices are around £500 - £2,000, but you may need to upgrade your home electricity to three-phase to cope with the demands of a larger electric boiler.

  • Running costs, including price per unit of electricity, servicing and maintenance. An annual service for a gas boiler can cost £1,000 over its lifetime, whereas an electric boiler only requires simple maintenance.

Overall, the cost of an electric boiler is likely similar to that of a gas boiler across its lifetime. But it's worth factoring in the reduction in your carbon footprint, especially if you connect your boiler to solar panels or another clean electricity source.

How to choose your electric boiler

An electric boiler is a smart choice for a variety of reasons. But how do you choose the best electric central heating boiler for your home? 

Heating power

Your central heating system generates hot water for radiators, taps and showers. As a rule of thumb, a 9kW to 12kW boiler will create enough heat to warm a 100 sq m space with 6 - 8 radiators. Larger homes require 15kW to 24kW boilers or a high-efficiency heat pump. 

Boiler efficiency

Energy efficiency measures the ratio between energy produced and consumed. Electrical boilers are rated 99%-100% efficient, unlike boilers reliant on fossil fuel.

Power consumption

Look for a highly energy-efficient boiler with low energy consumption to save money on your heating bills. Sound insulation is also crucial to get the best out of your efficient electric central heating boiler. Or why not compare quotes for new double glazing and energy-efficient doors?

Simple maintenance with an electric boiler

Electric boilers don't require an annual service, unlike gas boilers which must be checked for safety reasons. But regular maintenance will keep your boiler running efficiently and help you catch minor issues early before they become costly.

Even though there are fewer moving parts, boiler manufacturers recommend a regular health check to keep your boiler working efficiently and reliably. In the meantime, these maintenance tips will keep your boiler in good order:

Inspect your boiler

First, power off your boiler so you can check all components and connections. You’ll need to check for:

  • Signs of corrosion

  • Signs of water leaks

  • Loose wiring connections and signs of damage

You’ll also want to check the thermostat and the pressure in the expansion vessel. 

Clean your boiler

All boiler parts, including the internal filter, should be regularly cleaned. Once you've removed the filter from the boiler housing, wash it under running water to remove all dirt and contamination. Keep the boiler housing clean by wiping it down with a soft, damp cloth. This removes any dust and grime.

Top up water pressure

Your electric central heating boiler works best at 1.5 bar. Check the expansion vessel and adjust the pressure if necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Specialist boiler maintenance is best left to the professionals. At SpotDif, we can help you find quotes from heating engineers to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider an electric boiler? 

The green energy transition in the UK is gathering pace, and electric central heating boilers are a viable way to upgrade your system. They're best suited for smaller homes or if you generate your own electricity using solar PV panels. And though your energy costs are currently higher than a comparable gas boiler, it could be worth getting ahead of the curve to take advantage of a predicted fall in green energy prices.

If you're looking for an electric boiler, you'll need quotes from qualified heating engineers who can propose the right solution for your property. Choose your region and complete the simple questionnaire to start saving time and money. 

We’ll ask for the following information:

  • What you’re looking for

  • Whether you need financing

  • Your contact details

Then we'll get you quotes for the best boilers and installation deals in seconds so you can look forward to years of fuss-free heat and hot water.

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