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How to Compare Door Quotes

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Your guide to finding the best quotes for new doors

Do you need a quick and easy way to compare new door quotes? At SpotDif, we aim to help you navigate your options to find the best fit for your budget and needs. With at-a-glance quotes from trusted suppliers, we'll assist you in making an informed decision on timber, composite or uPVC doors. 


Getting window and door quotes directly from the supplier can be time-consuming. Our goal is to help you save time, effort, and money. Read on for the best tips and tricks for comparing door quotes near you. 


We've got you covered, from a new front door quote to bifolds and double glazing. Ready to explore your door installation options? Get started with SpotDif and read on for our tips on finding the best door quotes from local suppliers across the UK.

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Why should you invest in new doors?

New doors and windows are a fantastic investment if your home needs a quick reinvention. It's like giving your home a facelift, with plenty of other benefits besides. Here's why you should invest in this home improvement:  

Add value with kerb appeal 

First impressions really do count. Boosting your kerb appeal with the right energy-efficient front door adds value. And it gives your home the aesthetic appeal buyers love.  

Lower energy bills 

Replacing a drafty old door with new timber, composite or uPVC doors is a significant upgrade. Energy-efficient doors minimise heat loss and provide better insulation. As a result, you'll reduce your energy bills and enjoy a comfortable home.  

Enhanced security 

The appeal of new doors goes far beyond the aesthetic. Enhanced security features protect against would-be intruders and make your home a safe haven.  

Easy maintenance 

Are you fed up with repairing and repainting your old doors and windows? New uPVC doors are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.  

Compare Door Quotes

SpotDif helps you unlock the best door quotes. From front doors to patio doors, compare to enhance your home's character.

How much does a new door usually cost?

Searching for composite or uPVC doors? New front door quotes will set you back between £340 and £2,300.  


Various factors influence door quotes. UPVC doors are a budget-friendly option. Timber and composite doors are at the top end of the price range. However, their excellent security and durability make them worth the cost. It's also worth remembering that a like-for-like replacement will be the most cost-effective option. 


UPVC doors are a popular option. Available in a wide variety of finishes, including solid colours and woodgrain, they suit most property styles. UPVC doors are low maintenance but may not have the durability or security of more expensive options. Expect to pay £340 – £925, excluding installation. 


Aluminium doors are a stylish option. Their strong aesthetic appeal, excellent thermal efficiency and low maintenance make them a solid mid-budget choice. Costs range from £445 to £1,255, supply only. 


Solid wood doors have an aesthetic appeal that's perfect for period properties. Timber is highly durable and provides excellent security. However, hardwood requires annual maintenance to stay looking its best. Expect to pay up to £2,000 for a hardwood door, excluding installation. 


Composite doors are manufactured from several materials, including uPVC, hardwood and fibreglass. The manufacturing process gives them unparalleled security and thermal efficiency with low maintenance requirements. New composite door quotes start at £640 and go up to £2,230, excluding installation.  

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DIY vs. professional installation: how does this affect your door quote?

One of the most significant factors affecting doors quotes is installation. Will you be tackling the job yourself or paying a professional? 


If you're a competent DIYer, you'll need to think hard about whether hanging your new door is a good use of your time. Are there other jobs you could do while a professional handles the task? Hanging a door yourself can be time-consuming. In contrast, a professional will come equipped with all the relevant tools and equipment to complete the job in a day. 


Hanging a front door requires technical knowledge and skill. Additionally, your work must be in accordance with Building Regulations and signed off by an accredited inspector. If your installation isn't approved, your home insurance could be invalidated.  


A first-rate installation will cost an additional £500 to £2,000 by an accredited installer. For that, you can expect a professional finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal and security of your home. 

Where to find quotes for replacement doors

There are two main ways to gather your replacement door quotes: 

  1. Approach suppliers directly
  2. Compare quotes outline

 Comparing quotes directly from suppliers can be a painstaking process, not to mention time-consuming. Plus, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the plethora of options available. Here’s what you need to bear in mind when researching your new door quote: 


  • Reputation and experience: Look for proof of expertise and professionalism in supplying and installing uPVC windows and doors. 

  • Building Regulations: Your installer should have the correct accreditations for Building Regulations approval. 

  • Customer service: It's crucial to check on-site reviews, testimonials, and independent review sites. Look for excellent after-sales service to deal with any issues swiftly. 

  • Sales: You should never feel pressured to accept a new door quote. 

  • Warranties: An extended warranty indicates confidence in the quality of a supplier's goods and services. 


At SpotDif, we aim to make gathering and comparing front-door quotes seamless and stress-free. Our price guide lets you discover new doors at the best prices, so you'll know what a fair and reasonable price is for your door quotes. You can also read up on grants and financial support to reduce your upfront costs. 


Getting your free, no-obligation new door quote couldn't be easier with us. Just fill out our simple form and obtain the most competitive deals from trusted suppliers in your local area. It only takes seconds, then you can compare at your leisure.  


How to get a quote for new doors with SpotDif

Ready to invest in new energy-efficient doors for your home? Getting a quote from SpotDif is fast and reliable. And because we only compare doors quotes from trusted suppliers near you, you can have complete confidence whichever deal you decide to pursue. Ready to explore your new door options? Turn to SpotDif for competitive door quotes in seconds.

How many quotes to compare

Comparing quotes can be tricky. Too many, and you can be overwhelmed by choices. Too few, and you might miss out on a great deal. 


We recommend getting at least three quotes. That way, you can gain a clear idea of a fair market price for your window and door quotes and find a fantastic deal.  


Here’s what to bear in mind when comparing new door deals: 


  • Overall value: A better quality brand or installation could save money in the long run. 

  • Product quality: Look for trusted names, superior thermal performance and enhanced security. 

  • Warranties: Seek out extended warranties so you're covered for all eventualities. 

  • Installation: Your quote should deliver installation timeframes and transparent costs for labour. 

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