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Grants and financial support for new doors

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Upgrading front doors and windows can make a massive difference to your home. But replacing windows and doors for an average family home is a costly undertaking. What financial support is available to bring down your upfront costs? 


There’s good news for you. The UK government recognises the need to make our homes more energy efficient as we transition to Net Zero in 2050. Available financial support primarily targets inefficient housing stock and fuel poverty. As a result, there are grants for new front doors and windows to replace your inefficient double-glazing.  


Government financial support constantly evolves, so it's worth checking with your door and double-glazing providers for flexible financing options to see what grants and deals you can get. There may also be local schemes that partly cover the costs of door and window replacement and other energy improvements. It's well worth checking your eligibility at Gov.UK


But there are other good reasons to consider upgrading your entryway with a new front door grant. First and foremost, a new front door will be a considerable step up regarding security. You might also need to replace existing doors for wheelchair accessibility. You'll find more information on financial grants for new doors down below.

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Compare and save with SpotDif 

Obviously, a new front door grant or help with double glazing is a great way to reduce your upfront costs when getting a new door. But you can also make savings by comparing prices and installation with SpotDif. We can connect you with qualified installers in your area who can help you make the most of your new doors and windows grant. 


We aim to help you navigate all your options and find the deal that suits your budget. At SpotDif, you're just a few clicks away from finding the best deals in your area. Ready to explore your new door and window options? Let us find the ideal solution for your home.

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Find your perfect door supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Are there any grants available for new doors or door improvements?

Replacing your windows and front door represents a serious financial commitment. Fortunately, there are grants and upgrade schemes that can help. Finding and applying for a front door grant may seem daunting, but the following simple steps should help: 


  • Search for financial support: Start with the Gov.UK website or try Grants Online.  

  • Check your eligibility: Different grants will have different eligibility criteria based on your income or property type, so make sure you're eligible for help. 

  • Complete the application: Be prepared to provide detailed information on your home, income and energy usage. 

  • Keep an eye on the deadline: Take advantage of time-limited grants by applying well before the closing date. 


It’s never been easier to reduce your environmental impact. With the help of a new door grant and replacement double-glazing, you can optimise your energy efficiency and improve your home.  And don’t forget that SpotDif is here to help you compare and make a choice for the best door installer.

Green Deal

Green Deal Approved logo

The Green Deal scheme is designed to help you make and pay for energy-saving improvements. It's a loan scheme open to landlords, homeowners and UK businesses. Your Green Deal assessment may cover the following energy-efficient home improvements: 

  • Secondary glazing 

  • Replacement doors and windows 

  • Draught proofing 

  • Boiler upgrade 


Once you have an assessment, a Green Deal provider will organise installation. The loan will be repaid through your Green Deal finance plan, which adds a small monthly payment to your energy bill. 

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2) 

From April 2023, the government is offering £1.8 billion to boost energy efficiency and decarbonisation. The Home Upgrade Grant is set to run until March 2025, giving social housing providers and local authorities funding for energy improvements in off-grid and vulnerable homes. 


Eligibility depends on your home having an EPC rating of D and below and your income level. Improvements include insulation, draught-proofing and replacement windows and doors.  

Man staring at a digital meter

Warmer Homes Scotland

Hand opening a door

If you're living in fuel poverty in Scotland, the Home Energy Scotland grant and loan scheme provides funding for energy-saving improvements. The grant scheme has been running since 2015, targeting energy-inefficient and low-income homes.

Scottish homeowners could be eligible for up to £9,000 of funding. The grant can be used to upgrade from single to double glazing alongside other carbon reduction measures. 


You could also be eligible for further funding when you check your postcode.  

Nest - home improvements in Wales  

The Welsh government’s Nest scheme covers hard-to-heat homes and low-income households. You’ll need to meet the following criteria: 


  • You receive a means-tested benefit, or you or someone you live with has a chronic health condition and an income below the threshold. 

  • You own your own home or rent from a private landlord. 

  • Your home is hard to heat or energy inefficient. 


If you qualify, Nest can help with a range of energy-efficiency improvements.

Nest logo

Affordable Warmth Scheme in Northern Ireland

Family by door

Since 2014, Northern Ireland’s Affordable Warmth Scheme has protected low-income households. You may be eligible for up to £7,500 worth of energy-efficiency improvements, including new doors and windows, providing:

  • You own your own home or rent from a private landlord. 
  • Your household gross income is less than £23,000 a year. 


Your home will be inspected and assessed before any work is carried out.

ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation Scheme)

Eco4 Logo

The ECO4 scheme puts the onus on energy suppliers to support low-income households. Suppliers have an obligation to help with cost-of-living pressures with energy-efficiency upgrades to energy-inefficient homes. The current scheme is expected to run until 31st March 2026. 

The scheme offers some significant subsidies to recipients of means-tested benefits, including: 


  • Universal Credit 
  • Jobseekers Allowance 
  • Income support 
  • Child benefit 
  • Tax credits

You’ll be expected to cover part of the costs of any improvements, and the level of support varies between households. It’s worth checking with your energy provider’s eligibility criteria.

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I need to adapt my doors for accessibility — what support is available?

Financial help is also available if you need to make adaptations to your doors for accessibility. Your local authority can help with grants for small changes. But if you need to make more significant adaptations for accessibility, you’ll need to apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant


If you don’t qualify for government funding, check the Turn2Us website for details of charities, benefits, and grants that could assist you.

Disabled Facilities Grant  

If your home needs significant adaptations, help is available. You can get grants for new doors, widening doorways and improving access by applying to the Disabled Facilities Fund. Grants up to £30,000 (36,000 in Wales) are available if your local authority is satisfied that the work is appropriate and necessary. 


The size of your grant depends on your level of household income and any savings you have. You can apply through your local council, and decisions are usually made within six months.

Historical new door grants and schemes

The funding landscape is dynamic. Grants and financial support come and go, but knowing which schemes are successful and which fail to take off is helpful.  


However, new grants and financial support packages are constantly popping up. So even when a scheme has been unsuccessful, others have evolved to take their place. Are you looking for grants for new doors and windows? Initiatives are fast-moving. Hence, it's worth keeping an eye on what grants are available locally and nationally.

Green Homes Grant (secondary)

Woman looking at smart meter

The Green Homes Grant was launched as part of the government's Build Back Greener initiative. It was set up to help landlords and homeowners make energy-saving home improvements.

Grants were primarily for insulation and renewable heating, but grants for new doors were also available. Despite its ambitions to transform the UK's poor housing stock, the voucher scheme was withdrawn at the end of March 2021.

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Find your perfect door supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

What are the benefits of getting new external doors?

Now you know what financial support is available, why might you want to get new doors? Well, there are plenty of good reasons to replace your front door, such as improving your home in a variety of different ways that you may not have thought of like increasing your house value. After all, the entryway is incredibly important for creating kerb appeal, and having a stylish front door will only help with that. 

But as we know, a good-looking front door does often cost a lot, which is where the new front door grant comes in as that can help with the cost. A new front door grant could help you add value to your home and so much more. 

Improve thermal efficiency  

The right front door can reduce draughts and air leakage. As a result, your home stays warm, cosy and energy-efficient. 

Add natural light 

A glazed front door can work wonders to improve natural light in your hallway. Glazed models flood your hallway with natural light without sacrificing privacy. 

Create a perfect first impression  

Improving the aesthetics of your home with the perfect front door is excellent value for money. The right door will give your house a lift and enhance resale value. 

Enhanced security 

An older door may not be fit for purpose. Installing a contemporary door with the latest high-end locks will improve security and deter would-be intruders. 

Upgrade your home with a new front door grant

If you need to improve your home's energy efficiency, plenty of financial help is available. No matter if you're looking for Green Deal-approved installers or need support to improve your carbon footprint.  


If you meet the eligibility criteria, a new front door grant is well worth applying for. Additionally, a new doors and windows grant could help keep you warmer this winter while adding value to your home. 


Remember, most grants are designed for low-performing properties and low-income households. If you don't meet the criteria, it's always worth checking if other financial help is available in your area.

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You can compare trusted door installers in your area with just a few clicks. So, improve your home's comfort, security, and accessibility with a new front door.


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Find your perfect door supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers
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