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14 Mar 2024
10 Useful hearing aid accessories to keep your devices safe
Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist

Hearing aids are tiny marvels of technology that make a huge difference in the lives of those with hearing loss. But just like any valuable tech, they need protection and care to keep them working perfectly. 

So, if you’ve recently been fitted with some hearing aids and are looking to make sure they stand the test of time, you could benefit from some hearing aid accessories. 

1. A hearing aid case 

First off, the hearing aid case is the superhero of accessories. It’s not just a box; it’s your hearing aid’s home when it's not in use. A sturdy case protects your hearing aids from moisture, dust, and accidental damage.

The last thing you want to do is drop  your precious hearing devices on a hard surface and damage them. Broken  to hearing aids can be a headache, literally. Not only can the actual hearing aid itself crack, but the actual sound system can warp too — leading to some unpleasant sounds coming from your device. That’s where a hearing aid case can help you keep your devices as protected and safe as possible.

Whatever you’re up to throughout the day, a hearing aid case is a cushion and a shield, keeping your new tech snug and secure when you’re not wearing them. 

Why it’s a must-have

A hearing aid case isn’t an accessory that would be good to have, it’s a necessity. If you’ve got hearing aid devices fitted, then you need to invest in a case to keep them protected. 

  • Protection from drops and damage: Accidents happen, but a good hearing aid case acts like a safety net.

  • Moisture defence: Whether it's sweat, rain, or just high humidity, moisture is a hearing aid's nemesis. A case with moisture-absorbing capabilities keeps them dry.

  • Keeping them together: Ever found yourself searching for a lost hearing aid? A case keeps them together, making it easier to find them when you need them.

A hearing aid case is a great tool to give you peace of mind that your hearing aids are protected when you need to take them out. 

2. Dehumidifier 

Speaking of moisture, let’s talk about dehumidifiers. These handy devices remove moisture that can damage the internal components of your hearing aids, prolonging their life. 

They come in various forms, from simple drying boxes to electronic dehumidifiers that do the job overnight. Usually, a hearing aid dehumidifier comes in the form of a little square or cube, much like a jewellery box. Simply pop your hearing aids into your dehumidifier and let the accessory do its job! Your hearing aids will ready to serve you well.

3. Cleaning tools and kits

Clean hearing aids are happy hearing aids. Wax, dust, and skin oils can clog up the microphone and sound ports, affecting performance, this is particularly important for in-ear hearing aid models. 

Cleaning tools like brushes, wax picks, and microfibre cloths are just the ticket for keeping your devices in top shape. Some kits even come with a sanitising UV light, offering peace of mind by killing bacteria and viruses that might be hitching a ride.

For more details on keeping your devices in tip-top condition, take a look at our guide to cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids.


4. Portable charging cases 

In the world of rechargeable hearing aids, portable charging cases are game changers. Not only do they protect your devices, but they also charge them on the go. It’s like having a power bank and a safe haven all rolled into one. These cases are perfect for travellers or anyone who’s always on the move. Never worry about running out of juice at inconvenient times again!

5. Remote controls and Bluetooth accessories

Did you know you can control your hearing aids with more than just tiny buttons on the devices themselves? Remote controls and Bluetooth accessories let you adjust settings without a fuss. 

Plus, with Bluetooth accessories, you can stream audio directly from your phone, TV, or computer right into your hearing aids. It’s a seamless way to enjoy your favourite tunes, calls, and shows with crystal-clear sound.

6. Battery holders and testers in emergencies

For those using hearing aids with disposable batteries, a battery holder is a small but mighty accessory. It keeps spare batteries handy and safe, so you’re never caught off guard. And with a battery tester, you can check power levels in a snap, ensuring your hearing aids are always ready to perform.

7. Protective skins and sleeves

Protective skins and sleeves not only customise the look of your hearing aids but also add an extra layer of protection against scratches and wear. Made from silicone or other durable materials, these accessories can help extend the life of your devices. Plus, they can make handling the hearing aids easier, providing a better grip.

8. Moisture and dust shields 

Another handy hearing aid accessory comes in the form of a spandex sleeve.  These sleeves cover your hearing aids, protecting them from moisture, dust, and even loss. They’re especially useful in challenging environments, like the beach or during sports activities. Available in various colours and styles, these protective covers can also add a personal touch to your devices.

9. Drying capsules and cups 

For a more straightforward approach to moisture removal, drying capsules and cups are an effective solution. These capsules absorb moisture overnight when placed in a sealed cup with your hearing aids. They’re a cost-effective option for those looking for a simple dehumidifying solution without the need for electricity.

10. Hearing aid cords and clips

Hearing aid cords and clips attach to your clothing, preventing your hearing aids from falling and getting lost. They’re particularly useful for active individuals or those prone to misplacing their devices.

Some clips are designed to be discreet, while others come in fun designs to match your personal style.


Why is it important to take care of your hearing aids?

Taking care of your hearing aids is crucial not only for maintaining their optimal performance but also for extending their lifespan, avoiding costly repairs, and enhancing your overall hearing experience. 

Regular maintenance and the use of protective accessories keep them safe from moisture, dirt, and damage, ensuring they work at their best for you. This diligent care means clearer sound, fewer repairs, and a more comfortable and effective hearing aid experience.

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Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist
My goal is to help you make the most informed decision for your health needs. No smoke, no mirrors — just research-led guidance and money-saving advice.
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