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Hearing Aid Prices in the UK

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Your guide to hearing aid prices in the UK

If you need help with everyday sounds, there’s a hearing aid to suit you. But how much do hearing aids cost in the UK? At SpotDif, we can provide a hearing aid comparison in seconds. 


Are you having trouble hearing the phone? Do you need to keep turning up the volume on the TV? You’re not alone. One in six adults in the UK has some degree of hearing loss. With a suitable hearing aid, you can enjoy conversations, music, and TV again and regain your quality of life. 


Still, getting started with choosing a hearing aid can feel daunting. Comparing hearing aid prices can be a first step to narrowing down your choices and finding what's suitable for your level of hearing loss. You can compare features and styles and find the best aids for your lifestyle and budget.  


So, how much are hearing aids? In a nutshell, prices vary depending on technology, features and brand. For example, a basic model may cost as little as £500. For more advanced features, including Bluetooth and noise cancellation, expect to pay an average of £2,500 for a pair of top-of-the-range devices. You can also expect to pay more for aids with rechargeable batteries. 


At SpotDif, you’re just a few clicks away from comparing hearing aid cost so you can make an informed decision. Ready to explore your options? Turn to us for guidance for your hearing solutions. 

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Average hearing aid costs in the UK  

In the UK, hearing aid prices are generally between £500 for a basic model and £3,500 for fully-featured aids. You'll also have ongoing costs for batteries and any accessories you need for comfort and hygiene, like wax traps and drying capsules. 


NHS-funded hearing aids are a great option if you're on a budget. You'll receive your communication aids for free through a long-term loan. Additionally, all repairs, batteries and follow-up care are also included. 


You'll be offered a BTE (behind-the-ear) or RITE (receiver-in-the-ear) model. Free NHS hearing aids are generally mid-range models suitable for most people with mild to severe hearing loss.  


However, you may need additional features or have specialised hearing loss. In that case, you'll need to go private or apply for a hearing aid grant to access a broader range of solutions. 

Factors affecting hearing aid costs 

Hearing aid costs vary hugely, from hundreds to thousands of pounds per device. What factors affect hearing aid prices? And what are you likely to have to pay to restore your hearing back to normal? 

Hearing aid style  

You can expect to find a dizzying array of hearing aid styles on offer. What’s best for you depends on what you find comfortable, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.  


BTE hearing aids are the most budget-friendly option — they are also the most visible and versatile.

Prices rise depending on how invisible and discrete you prefer your hearing solution to be with completely-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-the-canal (IITC) options. 

Specialised solutions like ‘contralateral routing of signals’ (CROS) and ‘bi-contralateral routing of sound’ (BICROS) hearing aids are also available for single-sided deafness.   


Working with your audiologist is the key to finding the right hearing solution. A professional may recommend hearing aids from a specific manufacturer. However, some brands may offer the unmissable features you need, so run a hearing aid price comparison for the best deal. 

Custom fitting 

Your hearing aids must be correctly fitted and adjusted. Custom fitting is essential if you're opting for an in-ear hearing aid. The cost will be bundled with the overall price of your hearing aids, so expect to pay more for invisible models that require expert fitting.  

Features and technology 

Hearing aid technology has advanced dramatically. So, it's worth carefully considering your hearing needs and lifestyle before spending money on a technologically advanced model. 


Features and technology that could improve your overall hearing include: 


  • Bluetooth compatibility 

  • Smartphone compatibility via app 

  • Noise reduction  

  • Two-way audio streaming 

  • Rechargeable batteries 

  • Tinnitus masking 

  • Direct audio input (DAI) 

  • Ear-to-ear directionality via wireless 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

  • Telecoil 


The more advanced the tech, the more you can expect to pay. However, it’s worth discussing your needs with a hearing professional to shortlist the features that will have a lasting impact on your lifestyle.  

Repair and maintenance 

Repair and maintenance costs can be significant. If you opt for NHS-funded hearing aids, all repairs will be free, although you may be charged for a replacement if you break your device. Otherwise, you can expect to pay between £75 to £155 for repairs. 


In terms of maintenance, you can expect to pay between £40 to £80 per hearing aid for replacement wires and £100 to £400 for replacement charging units.  


Free NHS hearing aids include aftercare. But how much extra will you pay if you opt for more specialised hearing aids? Most private providers include an aftercare package as part of the overall hearing aid cost. Still, it's always worth checking what's included. You could also ask about hearing aid insurance if you're worried about losing your devices.  

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Hearing aid consultation fees: what to expect 

Hearing aids can be a significant investment. A hearing consultation can help you establish your degree of hearing loss so you can discuss your options with a hearing professional.  


Some hearing aid providers include the cost of a hearing consultation in your overall hearing aid cost. For a standalone test, expect to pay anywhere from £70 for a standard test to £400 for more specialised testing. 


During your hearing consultation, your audiologist will discuss the amplification options available. You'll also discuss your hearing loss, lifestyle, and hearing needs. As a result, your hearing professional will recommend different devices and technologies, such as Bluetooth and tinnitus therapy, that are best suited to your level of hearing loss. 

Doctor explaining the different parts of the ear

Grants to help with the cost of hearing aids  

Grants and benefits are available for people with hearing loss. Hearing aid funding can be a boon if you need specialised devices for work or study. 

Disabled Students Allowance 

DSA helps top up student finance to provide additional support for long-term health conditions like hearing loss. You could get a grant to cover additional costs like a BSL interpreter. DSA can be used to upgrade your existing audio equipment for use in higher education environments.  

Access to Work 

If you’re 16+ and starting work in the UK, you could be eligible for an Access to Work grant. This money could help you pay for communication support if you’re deaf or have hearing loss.   

Veterans Hearing Fund 

Serving members of the armed forces and veterans could access the Veterans Hearing Fund for help with purchasing hearing aids, therapies and communication accessories. Funds for the programme are currently fully assigned, and no new applications are being accepted.  


Check our in-depth guide for more information on hearing aid funding in the UK. 

How to find the right hearing aid at the best price with SpotDif  

With a massive array of styles, technologies and features available, choosing a new hearing aid can seem challenging. At SpotDif, we aim to make finding your next device accessible and affordable. That's why we make it easy to find and compare the perfect hearing aid supplier for you. 


Just supply a few details, and we'll find and compare deals on the latest digital hearing aids in your area. Let SpotDif help you find better hearing and a fantastic quality of life in just a few clicks.  


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