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3 Apr 2024

Security tips for your mobility scooter or power chair

Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist

In today's world, ensuring the security of your mobility scooter or power chair is essential. We understand how vital these vehicles are for maintaining your independence and mobility. However, with the rise in their popularity, it's becoming increasingly important to safeguard them from theft and damage. But have you ever thought about the best ways to protect your mobility aid? 

Whether you're new to using a mobility vehicle or looking for extra tips to boost your current security measures, we've got you covered. From choosing the right mobility scooter lock to understanding power chair insurance, we're here to guide you through making your mobility aids as secure as possible. 

Let's dive into the essentials of mobility scooter and power chair security, keeping things simple and straightforward for everyone.

What are the security risks for your mobility vehicle? 

A mobility scooter or power chair can be a wonderful source of freedom. Sadly, they can also attract unwanted attention like theft or vandalism. Mobility vehicles can be at risk both in public spaces and at home if not securely stored. They could also get damaged, by accident or on purpose. 

The thought of being without your mobility aid, even temporarily, can be unsettling. But fear not, there are steps you can take to mitigate these risks. Wondering where to start? Don't worry, we've got some handy advice on how to protect your mobility vehicle effectively. Whether it's keeping your scooter safe at home or securing it while you're out, taking proactive steps can make all the difference. 

Where should I keep my mobility scooter or power chair so it's safe at home? 

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should be the safest place for your mobility scooter or power chair. Ideally, store your mobility vehicle indoors, such as in your living room, hallway, or a secure garage, to protect it from theft and the elements.

If indoor space is a challenge, consider a dedicated, lockable outdoor storage solution designed specifically for mobility aids. These secure units not only protect your vehicle from theft but also from weather damage. Ensuring your mobility aid is stored out of sight and in a locked area significantly reduces the risk of theft and vandalism, keeping your vehicle ready and reliable for your next journey.

Mobility vehicle security tips for when you're out and about 

What about when you’re on the move, heading to the local shop or meeting a friend in the park? Here are our top tips for keeping your mobility scooter or power chair safe and secure, wherever you may be. Remember, a little caution goes a long way in protecting your independence.

1. Park in a safe location

Choosing the right spot to park your mobility vehicle can make all the difference. Opt for well-lit, high-traffic areas where people are always around. Thieves are less likely to target scooters or power chairs in visible, busy locations. If available, use dedicated mobility scooter parking spaces, as these are often under surveillance or in sight of security personnel. 

Moreover, parking near CCTV cameras adds an extra layer of security, as it can deter potential thieves and provide evidence in case of theft. Always ensure your vehicle is within sight or securely locked up when parking in public spaces.

2. Invest in a mobility vehicle lock 

A high-quality mobility scooter lock is another helpful way to keep your mobility vehicle safe. There are several types of locks to choose from, including heavy-duty chains, U-locks, and reinforced cables. Each has its advantages, but the most important thing is to anchor your scooter or power chair to an immovable object. 

This simple action can deter would-be thieves more than you may think. When selecting a lock, consider the level of security it offers and its ease of use. 

3. Add distinctive marks

You might also want to think about adding a personal touch to your mobility aid. Customising it with your name, distinctive stickers, or even a unique paint job not only personalises your scooter or chair but also serves as a deterrent to potential thieves. Items that clearly reflect their owner’s personality are less attractive to those looking to take what isn’t theirs. 

Moreover, should your mobility aid ever be misplaced, these specific identifiers can greatly assist in its recovery. This approach transforms your mobility aid into a genuine reflection of your style while enhancing its security.


4. Install a mobility scooter alarm and tracker 

Upgrading your mobility scooter or power chair security? Consider installing an alarm and GPS tracker. An alarm immediately alerts anyone nearby of unauthorised attempts to move your vehicle. 

You might think vehicle trackers are just for cars, vans, and fleets, but you can now get GPS devices designed specifically for mobility scooters and power chairs. These allow you to pinpoint the location of your mobility aid if it gets stolen. With advancements in technology, these security devices are now more affordable and widely available. 

By equipping your mobility vehicle with these tools, you deter theft and enhance the possibility of recovering your vehicle if it's ever taken. It's a practical approach to safeguarding your mobility and maintaining your independence.

5. Use a mobility vehicle cover

Not using your scooter or power chair? Adding a cover over it is a stroke of genius. This simple act does wonders, hiding your mobility aid from prying eyes and making it less tempting to those on the lookout for something to steal. 

A cover also acts as a shield against the elements, from rain and hail to sunshine and dust. This means your mobility aid stays in top condition for longer, ready for when you need it. What’s more, it’s an incredibly easy way to add that extra layer of security without any hassle. You don’t need any complicated gadgets or setups required — it’s a small step that makes a big difference, keeping your scooter or chair out of sight and out of trouble. 

6. Consider mobility vehicle insurance

Have you thought about mobility scooter or power chair insurance? An insurance policy for your mobility vehicle can provide peace of mind, ensuring that you’re covered in the event of theft, damage, or accidents. 

In an unpredictable world, having insurance is a smart move for protecting the independence your mobility aid provides. Beyond the basics, many insurance policies offer additional benefits like breakdown cover — which means you won’t be left stranded should your vehicle stop working unexpectedly. 

Some policies even cover the costs of a rental mobility aid while yours is being repaired. As well as mitigating risks, insurance can help ensure your daily life proceeds smoothly, without interruption. It’s an investment in your freedom and a key part of keeping your mobility aid secure. With the right coverage, you can navigate the world with confidence, knowing that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.


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It's clear that safeguarding your mobility scooter or power chair involves a mix of practical steps and strategic thinking. From selecting robust locks and alarms to considering insurance, each measure plays an essential role in protecting your vehicle — and, by extension, your independence.

But let's not forget the starting point: choosing the right mobility aid that suits your needs and lifestyle. This is where SpotDif shines. Our platform is designed to help you navigate the vast options available, ensuring you find the best mobility scooter or power chair that meets your specific requirements. We understand that the right choice not only enhances your mobility but also ensures you get the most out of the security measures you put in place. 

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Molly Govus
Health Sector Specialist
My goal is to help you make the most informed decision for your health needs. No smoke, no mirrors — just research-led guidance and money-saving advice.
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