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Solar panel quote guide 2024

Getting the right solar panels for your UK property at a great price is all about shopping around and exploring quotes. If you’re looking for solar panel quotes, SpotDif has you covered. With free, no-obligation quotes for solar panels in your area, why not switch to cleaner, greener energy? 


We’ll save you time, effort, and money by finding the most competitive deals near you. We’ll also help you navigate quotes from trusted suppliers and installers to match your energy needs and budget. 

Comparing solar panel quotes online lets you quickly find the best prices in your area. Ready to get started? Read on to learn how SpotDif can help you evaluate the best deals in your postcode. 


But where should you start when gathering quotes? Read on for all you need to know about navigating solar panel quotes in the UK.

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Breakdown of solar panel quotes

What's the first step to generating your own clean energy? Getting solar panel quotes from UK suppliers can seem daunting. After all, the technology is rapidly changing. So, it can be challenging to figure out the best deal. 


Let’s break down what you can expect from a solar panel quote. 

Different types of solar panel quotes 

You should aim to gather at least three quotes. That way, you'll have a good idea of a fair price for roof solar panels and installation. As a result, you'll be well-placed to find competitive deals in your area.  


There are three main options for roof solar panels: 


  • Monocrystalline solar panels: These black panels are manufactured from a single silicon sheet. They're space-efficient and highly effective but the most expensive option. 

  • Polycrystalline solar panels: Easier to produce and made from pieces of silicon. Recognisable by their blueish colour, they’re cheaper but also less energy efficient. 

  • Thin film solar panels: The most budget-friendly option. They’re versatile and heat tolerant but less efficient than pure silicon solar panels. 


There are two ways to gather solar panel quotes: 

  • Contact suppliers and installers directly 

  • Get solar panel quotes online 

Solar panels can be easily installed on roofs in Ireland

Compare Solar Panel Quotes with SpotDif

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Gathering solar panel quotes

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re contacting solar panel providers directly: 


  • Reputation and qualifications: Look for a well-established company with qualified installers on hand. 

  • Customer service: Reviews and testimonials should be readily available. For the bigger picture, you should also check independent review sites. 

  • Sales approach: Never feel pressured into purchasing. You should always receive a tailored quote before making any decisions. 

  • Your energy needs: Estimate the size of your solar system and whether you need quotes for battery storage. 

  • Charges: Check whether your supplier offers a free quote and don’t get overcharged for their quotation service. 


Getting quotes for solar panels online is convenient and time-saving. SpotDif only uses trusted solar PV panel suppliers, so you can choose the quote that fits your budget and energy needs. Then, contact your chosen professionals for a complete site inspection and in-depth quote.  

How to compare online solar quotes in the UK 

You’ve gathered several quotes for solar panels. But how do you compare quotes to get the best deal? 


These are some of the factors worth considering: 


  • Size and efficiency of your solar panels 

  • Performance in different weather conditions 

  • Size and weight of the panels in relation to your roof space  

  • Product Warranty 

  • Your budget and energy needs 


At SpotDif, we work with reputable suppliers and installers. You can compare your online renewable energy quotes with confidence and then proceed with installation. 

These types of solar panels proved to be the best this year.

Scheduling on-site assessments

A trusted solar panel supplier will typically schedule an on-site assessment. During the visit, your supplier should assess factors affecting roof solar efficiency, including: 


  • Roof condition 

  • Orientation 

  • Overshadowing 

  • Local weather conditions 

  • Any building regulations  

Requesting full-package quotes 

Now, you're in a position to ask your solar panel supplier for a full package quote. Your quote should include: 


  • The total cost of your solar panel system, including installation 

  • Additional charges for solar batteries or other equipment 


Your quote should also specify the system size and estimated annual production. Ask for an indication of potential savings to estimate your break-even point. The best quotes will explain everything in easy-to-understand language, from contract signing to connection to the grid. 


Of course, collecting and comparing quotes directly from suppliers can be time-consuming. It's the primary reason most people rely on online solar panel quotes. Why not let SpotDif take the hassle out of sorting your renewable energy? Complete our online form, and we'll find free, no-obligation solar PV quotes near you. 

Save Money on Energy Bills

Ready to save thousands on your energy bills? Search thousands of top solar panel suppliers today at SpotDif. 

Evaluating solar panel quotes

How can you quickly evaluate your quotes for solar panels? Try using these four key metrics to compare your favourite deals.  

Price vs. value 

Going with the cheapest quote is always tempting, especially when your budget is tight. But does it represent the best value for money? You'll need to evaluate things like solar panel quality and the installer's reputation. A slightly more expensive quote could offer much better value over the long term. 

System components and quality 

The quality and reliability of your system is paramount. It really is worth buying the best-quality branded equipment you can afford. You should expect to see each component itemised on your quote so you can check reliability and longevity. Things to look out for include: 


  • Cell type 

  • Efficiency 

  • Low temperature coefficient 

  • Degradation  

Labour and installation costs

Labour and installation costs should be itemised so there are no unpleasant surprises. You may need work to stabilise your roof or to clear any obstructions. Unless your installation is straightforward, expect additional work to impact your installation cost. 

Warranties and maintenance 

Choosing a reputable brand means you'll be covered by a long-term warranty. It's an essential consideration for peace of mind if anything should go wrong. It's worth evaluating any warranties included in your quotes so you know what's covered and for how long.  

Special considerations  

Switching to green energy is a no-brainer when you want to cut energy bills and your carbon footprint. And it’s worth making a special effort to evaluate your solar panel quotes with these special considerations in mind: 

Solar installation quotes 

For a new-build property, solar panel installation should be relatively straightforward. But several factors can push up the price of your quote: 


  • The number of solar panels installed 

  • The size, strength and angle of your roof 

  • Hardware quality 

  • Grid connection cost 

  • Cost of extra components for ground installation 

Solar batteries quotes

Solar batteries are a significant investment and can push up the cost of installing solar in your home. With prices ranging from £1,200 to £14,000, expect to pay more upfront for energy savings of up to 70%. Brand, capacity, efficiency and lifespan all impact the cost of your battery storage. 


Additionally, a solar battery must be installed by a professional. Poor installation compromises optimum performance, so you don’t get the best out of your equipment. 

Solar panel grants and financial support 

Solar panels can be a savvy investment, but the upfront costs can be off-putting. Fortunately, help is at hand through the government’s Green Deal. You could be eligible to claim for renewable energy generation. Check out our solar panel grants page to find more financial support for your green energy ambitions.  

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