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Hearing Aid Prices in Ireland

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Your guide to hearing aid costs in Ireland 

Is your hearing loss affecting your quality of life? One in twelve adults in Ireland has difficulty hearing the phone, doorbell or TV. And while the range of modern digital hearing aids can seem overwhelming, we make comparing your hearing aid cost in Ireland straightforward. So you'll get the best hearing solution for your lifestyle and budget.  


How much are hearing aids in Ireland? That depends on several factors. You may prefer a specific brand because they offer the tech you need. Or you may have specialised hearing loss that requires a specific device.  


BTE (behind-the-ear) devices are incredibly versatile but can't offer the discretion of ITC (in-the-canal) devices. Start your journey to better hearing by consulting a hearing specialist to discuss your options. 


Generally, expect to pay between €500 for entry-level devices and €3,000 for top-of-the-line hearing aids. Free hearing aids in Ireland are available through HSE, and you could also claim tax relief to reduce the cost. Read on to discover your options before comparing prices and narrowing down your choices. 


At SpotDif, our goal is to help you research and compare your options so you can make an informed decision. You'll get trusted quotes in seconds so you can save money on the best hearing aids in Ireland.   

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How much do hearing aids cost in Ireland? 

How much are hearing aids in Ireland? As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay between €500 and €3,000 for digital hearing aids, depending on features and technology.  


If your GP refers you for a hearing test, you could be offered free hearing aids in Ireland by HSE. You must be under 18 or an adult with a medical card. You'll have a choice of different devices, including: 


  • Digital hearing aids 

  • Multi-channel aids 

  • Multi-programme aids 

  • BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids 


If you don’t qualify for hearing aids on a medical card, you could be eligible for the Treatment Benefit Scheme. If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim tax relief on your devices.   

Irish medical card

Factors affecting hearing aid costs  

It's difficult to put a price on restoring normal hearing and quality of life. You might be prepared to make a significant investment, or budgetary and lifestyle factors could be at play.  


Nevertheless, several factors affect hearing aid costs in Ireland, including features and connectivity, style and aftercare. We've taken a closer look.  

Hearing aid style 

The basic components of most hearing devices are virtually identical. But the sophistication of the design plays a big part in determining the price. BTE styles are highly versatile and suit most people. They’re also highly budget-friendly. However, smaller IIC (invisible in canal) models command higher prices because they’re incredibly discreet. 


Our guide to choosing the right hearing aid styles should help you narrow your options and find a suitable device.  


You may have a preferred brand in mind, or the features you need may only be provided by one manufacturer. Generally, your audiologist will advise you on suitable hearing aids for your hearing loss, focusing on your lifestyle and needs. 

Custom fitting 

Custom-fit hearing aids are precisely tailored to your hearing loss. A hearing professional will fine-tune your program settings to meet your specific needs,  


If you opt for ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids, your devices must be tailored for your ear canal. Like any customised device, this pushes the price up, but comfort and discretion are usually worth it. 

Features and technology 

The technology used in modern hearing aids is a world away from old-fashioned devices. You can stream audio directly from a smartphone or TV or enjoy features including tinnitus therapy and noise cancellation. 


Other features to look out for include:  


  • Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Telecoils 

  • Directional microphones 

  • Remote control 

  • AI 

  • Direct audio input from a TV or computer 

  • Rechargeable batteries 


Of course, there's no point paying extra for technology you don't need. Discuss your choice with a healthcare professional before comparing prices to find a fantastic deal. 

Repair and maintenance 

Repairs and replacements are free if you qualify for free hearing aids in Ireland. But it’s worth bearing in mind that you will have ongoing costs, including drying capsules, wax traps and replacement batteries.  


If your hearing aids are out of warranty, the cost of hearing aid repairs will vary depending on: 


  • The age of the device 

  • The difficulty of the repair 

  • The cost of replacement parts  


If you have long-term loan hearing aids on a medical card, aftercare is free. Major suppliers may also bundle it with your device. Otherwise, aftercare packages are available from as little as €10.00 to €400.00 for a complete aftercare package.  

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How much is a hearing aid consultation in Ireland?  

Your hearing test is free if your GP refers you and you have a medical card. Major suppliers also offer free hearing tests, during which an audiologist will establish your level of hearing loss and discuss suitable hearing aids. Private hearing tests start at €65. 


During your consultation, you’ll undergo a thorough hearing assessment. Afterwards, a hearing professional will discuss your hearing loss options, including work needs and lifestyle.

Are there any grants to help with the cost of hearing aids? 

If you need hearing aids in Ireland but don't have a medical card, there's good news. There are several schemes and grants available that could help you cover the cost of your communication devices. 


Check our hearing aid grants page for more information on hearing aid funding in Ireland

Treatment Benefit Scheme 

The Treatment Benefit Scheme is open to all workers and retirees with the correct number of PRSI contributions.  


If you qualify, you could receive help with: 


  • Hearing aids and repair 

  • Optical care 

  • Dental care 

  • Hairpiece or wig 


The Treatment Benefit Scheme covers the total cost of hearing aids, up to €500 for a single hearing aid and €1000 for a pair every four years. The scheme also covers repairs up to €100. 

Health Expenses Tax Relief 

You're eleigible to claim tax relief on medical expenses, including the cost of hearing aids, as long as you've paid for them. You'll receive tax relief at the standard 20% rate.  

Financing options 

It's also worth asking your hearing aid supplier if they provide financing options for more expensive brands and models. Finance could help you afford the hearing aid you need to improve your quality of life and restore hearing functionality.   

Treatment Benefit Scheme

How to find the right hearing aid at the best price with SpotDif

Finding the right hearing aid provider needn't be daunting with SpotDif. We'll help you get started on your journey to better hearing with just a few basic questions. In just a few clicks, we'll help you compare quotes from hearing aid suppliers on BTE, IRC, CIC models, and more. 


Comparing quotes with SpotDif couldn’t be easier. We simplify the process of comparing quotes from top suppliers across Ireland. So you have everything you need to make an informed decision. With so many options to choose from, we’ll help you make the perfect choice to meet your hearing needs. 


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