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The top hearing aid companies in Ireland

Let's take a closer look at Ireland's premier hearing aid suppliers, focusing on Audiology Medical Services and Connect Hearing Ltd. These entities stand out for their innovative approaches to hearing care, ensuring that clients across Ireland access top-tier hearing solutions. Audiology Medical Services shines with its expert audiologists and cutting-edge technology, prioritising personalised care. Connect Hearing Ltd, known for its comprehensive hearing services, offers tailored advice and advanced hearing aid options. This page serves as your gateway to understanding each provider's unique offerings, from their technological advancements to customer-centric services, aiding you in making an informed choice for your hearing needs.

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Audiology Medical Services stands out as Ireland's leading independent audiology clinic, boasting over 40 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry. Owned by the Lewis family, this company prides itself on providing the highest standards of service to patients nationwide, offering a wide range of hearing care services. They emphasize a personalized approach to each patient's journey, from diagnosis to ongoing aftercare, using cutting-edge technology and working closely with medical professionals to enhance hearing health.

Connect Hearing is an Irish-owned independent hearing healthcare company that has expanded from clinics across the border region and Donegal to now include permanent hearing aid centres in Dublin, Ardee, and Letterkenny, as well as servicing a network of clinics across Ireland. Despite its growth, Connect Hearing retains the ethos of a local business, delivering a wide range of hearing healthcare services and digital hearing aids through a network of local outlets. They pride themselves on professional, individualised services, state-of-the-art hearing aids from top manufacturers, and comprehensive aftercare.


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After exploring Ireland's foremost hearing aid suppliers, it's clear that both companies excel in delivering innovative hearing care solutions. Audiology Medical Services is celebrated for its decades of experience and advanced technology, ensuring personalised care. Connect Hearing Ltd., with its expansion across Ireland, maintains a local business ethos, offering professional services and the latest in hearing aids. We encourage you to compare these providers on SpotDif to find the best hearing aid solution that fits your needs.
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