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Your guide to heat pump prices 

Are you looking to save money on your heating bills? A heat pump could be the answer. But if sorting out your new heating system is challenging, let SpotDif help with our heat pump price comparison


Heat pumps are taking off in the UK, and no wonder. Using thermal energy from the ground or air, they extract heat to warm your home. If you want to slash your energy bills, could a heat pump be the answer? 


The first question is, "How much do heat pumps cost?" As a ballpark figure, an air-source heat pump to heat a two-bedroom or three-bedroom home can cost £8,000 to £18,000 with installation costs.  


A ground-source heat pump's complicated installation could raise costs to £14,000 to £40,000. However, it's worth remembering that heat pumps can help you make savings on your energy costs — plus, there are several generous grants available to help with the upfront costs. 

At SpotDif, we aim to take the guesswork out of comparing your new heat pump price and the installation costs so you can make an informed choice. Read on to find out more about heat pump prices and efficiency in our heat pump price guide. 


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How much will a new heat pump cost?  

Currently, an air-source heat pump in the UK costs between £3,500 and £8,000 without installation. A ground-source heat pump costs up to £15,000 for the pump alone. 


Air-source heat pumps are highly efficient, typically producing 3kW of heat from 1kW of energy for a coefficient of performance(or ‘COP’) of 3. Ground-source heat pumps are more efficient still, with a COP of 4.  


Air-source pumps are suitable for most well-insulated homes but can lose efficiency when the temperature drops. Ground-source heat pumps are more dependable but require significant outdoor space. Our heat pump guide has everything you need to know about air-source vs. ground-source heat pumps.  


If you're unsure which system is best for your home, try this handy heat pump checker from GOV.UK.

Factors influencing heat pump prices

There is a significant disparity between the prices of air-source and ground-source heat pumps. What are the factors affecting heat pump cost? 

Heat pump system 

First, consider the best system for your home. For most properties, an air-source heat pump will meet your needs. Air-source heat pumps are easier and cheaper to install as they don't require extensive groundwork.  

Installation location and climate 

Hard-to-reach installations will push the price up. As will installations in colder climates, where you may require a more efficient pump to meet your heating demands. 


Performance and efficiency 

The more efficient your chosen heat pump model, the more you can expect to pay. However, you can expect to see more significant energy savings.  

Brand and quality 

Features, quality and warranties will all increase heat pump prices. Again, the higher initial investment may be worth it for long-term reliability and performance. 

Property size 

The larger your home, the more extensive and expensive the heat pump required to provide sufficient heat. Additionally, your ductwork may need replacing, adding to the expense.


Do I need to buy new radiators with a heat pump?  

You may be advised to replace your existing radiators when installing a heat pump. Here's why: 


A heat pump works at a lower flow rate than a conventional gas boiler. As a result, you need radiators with a large surface area to heat your home with the same efficiency.  


Generally, your radiators may need to be 2.5 times larger. However, that depends on the size of your existing units and your hot water needs. 


As a result, you could be looking at spending £200-£400 on replacement radiators. Alternatively, you could invest in underfloor heating at a cost of £4,000 - £10,000, depending on whether you install an electric or water system. 

Heat pump installation and labour costs

How much does a heat pump installation cost? Your total outlay for a pump with installation depends on your chosen system.  

Air source heat pump installation cost 

Air-source heat pump installation is generally quick and straightforward. The units are space efficient and can cool in addition to heating your home. Expect to pay £350 – £1,700 for installation and labour costs.  

Ground source heat pump installation cost 

The cost of a ground source heat pump installation includes the complexity of the installation. This type of pump requires extensive vertical or horizontal groundworks, which add significantly to your heat pump installation price.  


Expect to pay £700 – £2,450 in labour costs, with an additional £2,500 – £4,500 for horizontal groundworks and £4,000 – £6,000 for vertical boreholes.

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Find your perfect heat pump supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Will a heat pump save me money?  

Although the initial investment can seem steep, most homeowners see the effect on their energy bills within a few years. Replace an old G-rated gas boiler, and you could save up to £290 a year on your energy bills.  


How efficient your heat pump is depends on: 


  • Using low-flow rate radiators or underfloor heating 

  • How you heat your hot water 

  • How well-insulated your home is 


Regarding the payback period, ground source air pumps are the clear winners, recouping their outlay in 5-10 years. Air source heat pumps generally recoup their cost in 12 years. 


Will a heat pump increase the value of my home? 

Energy efficiency is a big concern for homebuyers, and research by the WWF shows that a heat pump could add up to 3% to the value of your home or around £8,000 based on current property values. Even better, an improved EPC rating could increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.  

Grants and financial support options for heat pumps  

Suppose you want to shrink your carbon footprint and reduce your heat pump cost. In that case, various heat pump government grants are available across the UK. It's worth bearing in mind that you'll need to meet the eligibility criteria to receive heat pump funding. 


In October 2023, the government increased the amount of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to £7,500 for air-source and ground-source heat pumps. Additionally, some heat pump installers are topping up the grant to a generous £10,000. 


To be eligible, you’ll need to be: 

  • A homeowner or landlord 

  • Have a valid EPC for your property with no outstanding recommendations 

  • Are replacing a fossil fuel boiler 

There is also ECO4 funding available to replace old, inefficient heating systems with an air source heat pump. You'll need to receive benefits or be on a low income and live in a home with a D-G energy rating. 


If you live in Scotland, you can also apply for a grant through Warmer Home Scotland to reduce your air source heat pump cost. Meanwhile, in Wales, if your home is inefficient and difficult to heat, you could get a Nest grant for your heat pump. 

For more information on financial support options for your heat pump installation, check out our heat pump grants page.

Compare heat pump providers with SpotDif  

Reducing your energy bills and getting ready for net zero needn't be daunting with SpotDif. Just a few quick questions, and you'll have all the heat pump price comparison information you need to start your green energy journey. 


Compare trusted heat pump suppliers and installation companies in your area. Find the right heat pump for your home and budget. Then get ready to embrace a cleaner, greener way to heat your home.


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Find your perfect heat pump supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers
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