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Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing specialises in personalised hearing solutions with over 280 local clinics across the UK. They offer a comprehensive approach to hearing care, including free hearing tests, wax removal, and hearing aid maintenance, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

Hidden Hearing also provides lifelong aftercare and various payment plans, ensuring that customers receive the support and flexibility they need.

  • Free Hearing Tests: Initial consultations or assessments at no cost to the customer, which can be an important factor for individuals seeking hearing care without immediate financial commitment

  • Wax Removal: A service for basic ear care and hygiene, which is essential for maintaining hearing health and ensuring that any hearing aids can function correctly. Hidden Hearing utilises advanced micro-suction technology to quickly, safely, and effectively remove ear wax, improving your hearing health

  • Hearing Aid Maintenance: They offer ongoing support for their products, including repairs, adjustments, and perhaps regular servicing to ensure optimal performance of hearing aids

  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Key focuses for Hidden Hearing, the company prioritises the effectiveness of their solutions and the overall experience of their 97,000+ customers

  • Lifelong Aftercare: Hidden Hearing offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty on all hearing aids, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability. They provide free lifetime servicing for hearing aids, underlining their commitment to long-term customer care. Additionally, Hidden Hearing offers optional access to their Oneplan, which includes free batteries for three years and free annual hearing tests, enhancing the maintenance and performance of hearing aids while supporting ongoing hearing health.

  • Various Payment Plans: Offering different payment options provides flexibility to customers, making hearing solutions more accessible to a broader range of individuals by accommodating different financial situations. Spread the cost of your hearing aids by as little as £50 per month

Hidden Hearing positions itself as a comprehensive provider of hearing care services, providing quality, customer satisfaction, and long-term support. Their wide network of clinics and the range of services offered mean that they are a convenient and reliable choice for individuals with hearing needs across the UK. Compare Hidden Hearing today.

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