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Your guide to comparing EV charger quotes

Are you looking to compare electric vehicle charging quotes? SpotDif makes it easy to compare the best deals on EV chargers in your area. 


Electric vehicles are leading a green transport revolution. Efficient and environmentally friendly, EVs are crucial in hitting our Net Zero targets. And, as you can imagine, owning an EV home charger is the first step for getting the most out of your electric vehicle. 


By comparing local EV charger quotes, you’ll find competitive deals that let you power up your EV fast. Want to know more about EV charger prices? Luckily, we can help with that. And with EV charging grants available to reduce the cost, there’s never been a better time to install a home charging point. 


Ready to find the best electric vehicle charging quotes in your postcode? Start comparing now with SpotDif.

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Why invest in a home charger for your electric vehicle?

So, what are the perks of installing your own EV charging point? A standalone charging station is a convenient way to make EV ownership stress-free. And with prices rising at commercial charging stations, it’s a fantastic way to reduce your running costs. 


Here’s why you should invest in a home charger for your EV: 

  • Convenience: You control when, where and for how long you charge your car — no more queuing for public charging stations. 

  • Low emissions charging: Switch to a green energy tariff, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even further. Additionally, off-peak charging lowers your costs even further. 


  • It’s safer: Charging at a public charging point exposes your EV to theft or damage, while a home charging point minimises these risks. 

Are EV charging prices coming down?

According to the RAC, prices for home EV charging fell at the end of last year due to the new energy price cap. However, with the cap rising from 27p/kWh to 29p/kWh, prices are expected to stay stable for the foreseeable future.

Find the best EV Charger quote with SpotDif

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Where to find quotes for EV chargers

Before you invest in a home charging station, it’s worth comparing at least three EV charger quotes. But how do you find the right supplier and installer to meet your needs? 


Here are a few points to keep in mind when researching your quotes: 

  • Relevant qualifications

  • Experience 

  • Fair prices 

  • Customer reviews and testimonials 

Nevertheless, we understand that it’s a time-consuming task. That’s why most consumers turn to comparison websites like ours to take the hassle out of comparing quotes. 


At SpotDif, we’ve simplified the process to help you get the best EV charger quotes near you. We'll ask you a few straightforward questions to bring you competitive quotes that meet your installation needs. 

Still have questions? Our ultimate guide to EV chargers is here to help.

Factors affecting EV charger quotes

Owning your own EV charging station has many benefits — for you and the environment. But what are the different factors that can affect EV charger quotes? 


Charging level 

You’ll have several options to consider, depending on your charging needs and overall budget: 


  • Level 1 chargers have a 5-pin design and are designed for slow, single-phase charging. They're ideal for topping up overnight or if you're a low-mileage user. 

  • Level 2 chargers feature 7 pins and locks in place. They typically charge up to 8 times faster than a Type 1 charger and must be installed by a qualified electrician. 

  • Type 3 chargers offer the fastest at-home charging speeds and have a high power requirement. 

  • Smart chargers include smartphone connectivity. This means that you can schedule and optimise your charging sessions for greater energy efficiency. 


Charger type and brand 

You can expect to pay more for a charger depending on its speed and features. You may also prefer to pay extra for a trusted brand name and quality. 

Installation complexity 

Another factor that can significantly impact installation costs is your existing electrical infrastructure. For example,  a Level 2 charger requires hardwiring or the installation of a 240v outlet plus a circuit breaker. Upgrading your fuse box or installing new circuits will naturally increase your EV charger quote.   

Location considerations

Straightforward garage wall or driveway installations shouldn't incur extra costs. But suppose you have a non-standard installation location with extra thick walls or additional cabling requirements — in cases like these, you can expect to pay more for labour and equipment.

Is the cheapest EV charger quote always the best?

It's tempting to jump for the cheapest EV charger quote. But be warned, no two homes are the same, and you may be charged for hidden installation costs. Unfortunately, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. 


It’s also worth factoring in the £350 EV ChargePoint grant to see if you can avoid a better-than-basic unit. So, while it's absolutely worth installing a home charger, you definitely need to compare quotes before making a decision. 


Fortunately, with SpotDif, we only compare EV charger quotes from reputable suppliers. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a great deal, whichever quote catches your eye.


Compare EV charger quotes from trusted suppliers with SpotDif

With SpotDif, you can save time and money by getting EV charger quotes quickly. You won’t need to contact individual installers, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we only supply quotes from reputable EV charger installers.     We'll get you the best EV charger quotes near you so you can find a competitive quote in your area. It's fast, reliable and free. So you can get your EV charging needs sorted as and when you’re ready.   Ready to start comparing electric vehicle charging quotes in your postcode? SpotDif makes comparing prices easy so you can choose the best fit for your EV charging needs and budget.
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