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All you need to know about EV charger prices 

Have you switched to an electric vehicle (EV)? EV charger prices are getting more competitive as the UK transitions to net zero. At SpotDif, our EV charger price comparison makes it fast and easy to 0 find the best deal on chargers and installation that work for you.  


Did you know there are nearly 50,000 public charging points across the UK — with more to come? But nothing beats having a home charger for convenience. And it's cheaper, too, when you switch to an EV tariff with your energy supplier. This small, compact unit can be installed anywhere, giving you ultimate flexibility in the way you power your vehicle. 


So, how much do EV chargers cost? That depends on your vehicle and budget, among other factors. You can choose from more affordable 3kW units or a more powerful 7kW unit. EV charger prices vary from £250 to £800 depending on make and model. 


You’ll also need to factor in other costs. How much is EV charger installation in the UK? You’ll need to budget another £1,000, with prices rising to £1,150 for a smart charger. Read on for more about installing a home charger and EV charger grants. 


Ready to compare and save on EV charger prices with SpotDif? You’re just a few clicks away from finding all the options you need. 

EV charging vehicles

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How much does a new EV charger cost in the UK?  

It’s important to note that there are two main types of EV chargers in the UK: 3kW and 7kW. Rapid charge points are also available, however these aren’t suitable for home installation. 


  • 3kW EV charger prices are £250 - £500 without installation. 

  • 7kW EV charger prices are £450 - £800 without installation. 


Despite the cost, there are some fantastic benefits to installing a home EV charger: 


  • Convenience: You won’t be reliant on public charging stations to refuel. And you can plug in whenever you like, so you’re always ready to go. 

  • Green energy: Most major energy suppliers offer green energy tariffs that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. 

  • Save money: Most EV energy tariffs have off-peak hours when you can charge up cheaper than a public charger. 


Check out our in-depth EV charger guide to find the best model for your needs. 

Factors impacting the price of your at-home EV charger  

Before installing an EV charger, check whether you have a Type 1 or Type 2 connector. Type 2 connectors are most common in the UK, but it’s important to check compatibility before you purchase your home charger. 


Other factors impacting EV charger prices include: 


Your car’s make and model: If you drive a small electric vehicle or a hybrid model, you could save money with a slower 3kW charger. Have you got a full EV? Chances are you’ll need a 7kW charger that can recharge your battery in as little as three to four hours. Smart chargers cost more to install but could save you money in the long run. 


Brand and aesthetics: You may have a trusted brand or prefer a sleek, contemporary design. Generally, these factors increase EV charger prices — so remember that you could save by buying a more functional model.  


Smart features: Features like cheap rate charging and remote locking are desirable, but connectivity comes at a cost.  


EV charger location: Your charger should be in a convenient location near your house or garage. If you need additional infrastructure, your installation costs will increase. 


Charging lead: Most EV chargers are supplied with a fixed cable length. Additional cabling or a surge protector will drive up your EV charger installation cost. 


Upgrading your electrical supply: Your EV charger installation may require changes to your electrical supply and the addition of new fuses and a fuse box. These changes will be reflected in the installation charge.  


Electrical Safety Certificate: Before installing your charger, check your electricity supply for peace of mind. This safety check costs between £80 and £250 but is worth it to ensure a safe installation. 

Woman plugging an EV charger into a car

Are there additional labour costs for installing an EV charger?  

The good news is that most EV charging point installations are relatively straightforward. But there are situations where additional labour costs become unavoidable. You may need to make significant infrastructure changes, including building a new structure to house your EV chargepoint. So, how much does EV charger installation cost in those circumstances? 


Additional costs that can increase your EV charger installation costs include: 


  • Groundworks for electrical conduit: £30 per metre 

  • Installing security lights: £100 

  • Off-road parking and driveway gates: £3,500 

  • Replacing or modifying your fuse box: £350 

  • Rewiring your existing electricity supply: £350 

It’s always a good idea to assess your property before committing to an EV charger to avoid any nasty financial surprises!

EV charger at home

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Ongoing EV maintenance: what are the costs? 

Like any electrical equipment, your EV charging point will require regular maintenance for smooth and trouble-free operation. Check with your installer whether your EV charger installation cost includes an after-sales service.  


Because of the high current passing through the unit, this is not a job you can tackle yourself. However, you can undertake regular visual inspections to ensure the case isn't cracked or damaged by extreme weather. 


The EV charger industry is still evolving. Ask your installer if they run a maintenance programme that will get your charger back up and running in case of failure.

Grants and financial support for EV chargers  

Having an EV ChargePoint at home is the best way to keep your car fuelled up and ready to go. But are EV charger grants available to help with your installation costs? 


The government initially offered grants to homeowners but is now focusing on flat owners and renters. To apply for an OZEV EV charging point grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), you'll need to contact an OZEV-authorised installer.  


You can claim for a flat, a business or as a landlord. To qualify, you'll need to match one or more of these criteria: 


  • You own a qualifying electric vehicle and haven't previously applied for EV charger grants. 

  • You’ve ordered an eligible EV. 

  • You've had an eligible company EV for a minimum of six months. 

  • You’ve leased an eligible EV for at least six months. 

  • Your employer has named you as an eligible EV user for at least six months. 


The OZEV EV grant is paid directly to your installer and passed on to you. You’ll save 75% of the cost of buying and installing an improved charger, up to a maximum of £350. 


If you’re a landlord, you can claim up to 200 OZEV grants annually.  

It costs less to install this EV charger

Will an EV charger increase the value of my home?  

We can see that EV chargers are a great way to keep your electric vehicle topped up in a more affordable way. However, did you know that installing a home EV charger station could increase the value of your home by a staggering £5,000, according to the National Association of Property Buyers

With the EV revolution gathering pace, here's how your EV charger installation cost can provide a great return on investment. 

Energy efficiency 

Home charging is energy efficient and could save you £470 a year compared with public charging stations. The break-even point for electricity versus fossil fuels is currently 71p/kWh, making a home charging station an attractive choice. Search and compare the best EV electricity tariffs for the most significant savings.  

Attracts EV owners 

EV charging points are becoming a sought-after feature in new properties. With EV charger prices falling, why not invest to add extra appeal to your home?  


A home EV charger is the ideal way to banish range anxiety. Homebuyers will prize the convenience of being able to plug in and go whenever they want.

Find the right EV charger at the best price with SpotDif 

Home EV charging points are more accessible and affordable than ever. If you're ready to install one, SpotDif has everything you need to get started. 


We’ve made it easy to find and compare the best deals on EV charger prices in your area. You’re just a few clicks away from enjoying all the convenience of a home charging station with SpotDif. 


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Find your perfect EV charger supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers
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