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The top UK EV charger companies

As the UK advances towards a greener future, the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions is skyrocketing. Choosing a reliable EV charger supplier is paramount, not just for the installation of efficient and durable charging units, but also for ensuring ongoing support and maintenance.

We will be focusing on VCHRGD Technologies, EV Car Charge, Haz Electrical Ltd, and Bibby Energy Solutions—companies at the forefront of providing innovative EV charging solutions. Each brings unique strengths to the table, from cutting-edge technology and comprehensive service packages to customised solutions tailored to meet individual or corporate needs. This guide aims to illuminate why selecting a dependable EV charger supplier is crucial for a seamless transition to electric mobility.

Car charging from EV charging port

VCHRGD Technologies focuses on delivering top-quality EV chargers in the UK, emphasizing simplicity, sustainability, and support. Their mission revolves around providing hassle-free home charging solutions, aiming to reduce range anxiety and speed up the transition to electric vehicles. They offer practical and affordable charging options for both home and business use, supporting net-zero carbon emissions goals. Their products are designed with safety in mind, catering to the UK's specific market needs, and are compatible with various grants and government schemes.

EV Car Charge stands out in the UK EV charger industry for its tailored solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. With a focus on facilitating the transition to electric vehicles, they offer comprehensive services from consultation to installation and maintenance of EV charging stations. Their expertise ensures clients receive the most suitable charging solutions based on individual or business needs, highlighting the importance of accessibility and efficiency in the growing electric vehicle market. EV Car Charge prides itself on high-quality service, leveraging the latest technology to provide reliable and user-friendly charging experiences. Their approach is customer-centric, aiming to demystify the process of EV charger installation and support the UK's shift towards sustainable transportation.

HAZ Electrical Ltd. stands at the forefront of the EV charging infrastructure in the UK, offering comprehensive services from installation to maintenance of EV charging stations. Their commitment to safety and efficiency extends to a broad range of electrical services, ensuring properties are equipped with up-to-date and reliable systems.

Bibby Energy Solutions offers a range of electric vehicle (EV) charge points, including models like Zaptec Go, BG Sync EV, and Hypervolt 3.0 Home Pro, at competitive prices with financing options available. They specialize in the supply and installation of EV chargers across the UK, aiming to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles by providing accessible and innovative charging solutions.


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We've delved into the essentials of selecting a top EV charger supplier in the UK, spotlighting VCHRGD Technologies, EV Car Charge, Haz Electrical Ltd, and Bibby Energy Solutions. Each offers unique benefits, from innovative technology to customised solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to electric mobility. At SpotDif, we encourage you to compare these leading providers, leveraging our platform for a comprehensive overview to find the best fit for your needs. Explore SpotDif to make an informed choice, contributing to a greener future.
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