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Electric Radiator Costs

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Your guide to electric radiator costs 

Are you trying to futureproof your heating system with a low-carbon solution? Electric radiators could be the answer. If you’re wondering how these highly efficient radiators could help you transition from fossil fuels — and how much that transition might cost — read on. Our guide is here to help you navigate radiator prices and make an informed decision.


Let’s start with a ballpark figure — electric radiator prices generally range from £150 to £650, depending on style and power. Installation is quick and efficient, with no plumbing required. And because electric radiators function independently, there's no need to heat rooms you're not using. Overall, the cost of a new electric radiator is lower than a comparable gas-fired system. Plus, it allows you to enjoy greener power and precise temperature control. 


Of course, the unit price of electricity is much higher than gas. However, free radiator grants are available, and many electric radiators are compatible with solar panels. If you're interested in finding out radiator cost, including installation, read on or try our electric radiator price comparison for fantastic deals in your area.  


At SpotDif, we aim to demystify comparing radiator costs so you get the best electric radiator price. Our electric radiator price guide looks at installation and running costs. Hence, you get a complete picture of electric radiator prices, leaving you in the best position to decide about your low-carbon heating solution.  


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Do electric radiators use significant amounts of electricity?

With the current price of electricity around four times that of gas, electric radiators will undoubtedly cost more to run. However, it's worth understanding how electric radiators work to help you reduce your radiator running cost.  


It's easy to assume your radiators are as power-hungry as any other appliance. But your 450W electric radiators use energy differently than your 450W TV. Electric radiators heat an energy-efficient thermal core, then use thermostats to regulate energy use. As a result, they only draw power when they need to heat a room. It's also worth remembering that 100% of your energy use is converted to heat. 


Your running costs can also be impacted by: 


  • The level of insulation in your home 

  • Your room size 

  • Your property location 

  • Your energy tariff 

  • Your required comfort level 


Calculating your running costs

Before committing to installing new radiators, it can be helpful to work out your household’s running costs. Although this sounds daunting, there’s a straightforward equation you can use: 


  • Radiator output in kW x hours in use x unit price per kWh = Daily running costs 


As a quick example, let's say you heat a room using a 500w radiator for 6 hours a day. Multiplying your radiator output at 0.5kW by six gives you 3.0 kW/h. If electricity is capped at 27p, your daily radiator cost is 91p


You can further reduce your electric radiator cost by creating individual heating zones using smart controls. And you could also install solar panels to reduce the cost even further. 

Average electric radiator costs in the UK  

Electric radiators can be found for as little as £150 for a standard model. If you’re looking for something with more flair or aesthetic appeal, expect to pay up to £650 for designer models.  


On average, expect to pay £250 for a plug-and-go electric radiator with integrated WiFi controls.  

Factors affecting radiator prices  

Several factors will influence your radiator price: 


  • Power output: The greater the wattage, the more you can expect to pay. It's worth considering if you have a larger home with more significant heating needs. You'll need to allow roughly 100w of power for every square metre. For example, if your room is 4m x 3m, you'll need a radiator capable of outputting 1200w of heat. 


  • Style and brand: You may want to pay more for quality and buy from an established brand. You'll also pay more for designer radiators and different colours than standard white units. 


  • Smart features: It's worth investing in radiators with integrated WiFi controls to simplify precision programming. 

How much does it cost to fit an electric radiator?

Electric radiators can be a cost-effective way to heat your entire home or warm up a few cold spots. But how much does electric radiator installation cost? 

Costs can vary quite dramatically depending on whether or not you include the electric radiator price. Providing you have the wiring already in place, your electric radiator installation cost will average £500. Count on costs rising to £1,100 per radiator for a more complex install. 


For an entire electric heating system, expect to pay £1,400 for two days of work plus £200 per radiator.  

If you’re a competent DIYer, you should be able to install a plug-and-go radiator yourself. You’ll need to be able to fix a hanging bracket using the templates provided. However, if you prefer to have your system hard-wired or your wall sockets need moving, an electrician is required for peace of mind.  

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Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Grants and financial support options

Is your home heated by old, inefficient, or broken storage heaters? Replacement storage heater grants are available in England, Wales, and Scotland. You could also be eligible for free solar PV panels and insulation as part of your installation. 


To find out if you qualify for any ECO4 radiator grants, you’ll need to be a homeowner, tenant or pensioner receiving income-related benefits, including: 


  • Universal Credit 

  • Child Benefit 

  • Working Tax Credit 

  • Pension Guarantee Credit 


You could also be eligible for the government’s Home Upgrade Grant if you live in a property that’s off-grid and doesn’t have a gas boiler. If you have a family income of £31,000 or less and live in a property energy-rated D-G, you could be eligible for: 


  • Air source heat pump 

  • Electric radiators 

  • Wall and loft insulation 

Will an electric radiator increase the value of my home?

There are plenty of obvious ways to add value to your home. But until recently, electric storage heaters were a turn-off for homebuyers. However, recent research by Rightmove shows buyers will pay a "green price premium" for more energy-efficient homes. Improving your home from an F to a C rating could add a massive 15% to the asking price. 


One way to boost your rating is to install low-carbon heating with smart controls. Upgrading your heating system will modernise the look of your home with stylish radiators. Meanwhile, easy-to-understand programming and fingertip control contribute to a buyer’s perception of living in a practical, energy-efficient home.

Find the best deal on electric radiators with SpotDif 

Want to find out more about electric radiator cost? The SpotDif radiator price comparison gives you the lowdown on the best electric radiator prices in your area. And with grants and schemes available for homeowners and renters, upgrading your home to low-carbon heating is more affordable and accessible than ever. 


With SpotDif, you're just a few clicks away from finding modern, energy-efficient, designer radiators for your home. Answer a few questions, and we'll find you the best deal on radiator price and installation in your region. It couldn't be easier to start improving your home's energy rating with gorgeous, energy-efficient electric radiators.


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Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers
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