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What grants are available for new electric radiators?

Are you wondering “Can I get a grant for new radiators?” Could your old electric radiators do with an upgrade? We explore grant options for cleaner, greener heating systems

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Your guide to new electric radiator grants 

Thinking about replacing your old electric radiators? You’re thinking smart, as there’s plenty of financial help is available to improve your home's energy efficiency. If you're struggling to stay warm this winter, our guide can help you find a grant for new radiators to boost home comfort, and our comparison service will help you find the best installers for these new radiators as well. 


Replacing your old radiators can be a significant undertaking with costs to match. But with a central heating grant, you could cover a chunk of your outgoings. Additionally, you’ll improve your EPC energy rating and add to your home’s resale value. 


Modernising your heating system is one of the most important steps you can take to minimise your energy bills. If you’re considering replacing ineffective and inefficient storage heaters, grants for new radiators are readily available. As a result, you’ll benefit from controllable heat when and where you want it. 


Replacing old and inefficient electric radiators is a savvy move when you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Modern electric radiators can also improve indoor air quality and boost energy savings. Grants are available to replace storage heaters with modern electric radiators boasting the latest technology. You can also get help with additional tech, like wifi connected radiator valves, to operate your system for optimum savings. 


Fortunately, finding information on energy grants is straightforward. Start by visiting Gov.UK to find out what support is available through installers, local authorities and your energy supplier. The application process is usually simple, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. As a result, it's worth checking carefully before you start the application process.  


Grants and financial support for energy-efficient home improvements are constantly changing. As we near Net Zero targets, more funding will likely come on-stream which will make things cheaper. It's worth keeping an eye on the grants that are available now to help you make the switch. Need help replacing old electric radiators or installing a brand new central heating system? Read on for an overview of the key grants available.


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Electric Radiator Comparisons

Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Do I need to replace my electric radiators?

Electric storage heaters warm up ceramic bricks that release heat energy during the day. Unfortunately, the savings made by using cheap electricity overnight can't match the inflated daytime tariff. Additionally, you might find your home is too cool in the evening, just when you need to stay warm. 


There are several good reasons to replace your old electric radiators and storage heaters: 


Costly and inefficient 


Older-style electric radiators work to heat your home during the day. If you’re out at work in an office somewhere, that’s costly and inefficient and you’re not going to be around to enjoy the warmth. Plus, as a result of convection, much of the heat is lost through the ceiling by the time you need it. Comparatively, new electric radiators convert every kW of energy into heat, making them 100% efficient. 


Lack functionality 


Old electric radiators rely on manual operation and guesswork. At the same time, modern radiators use the latest technology for precision heat control, and can often be controlled via your phone if you opt for a set that have the latest functionality. Moreover, older-style convection heaters can pose a risk to health as they may contain asbestos. You should always inform your local authority if you intend to remove storage heaters from your home. By contrast, modern electric radiators are safe, clean and have no emissions.  

No temperature control 


If you want total control over your heating, you need to upgrade. Old electric storage heaters have no method of regulating heat, so your home can be too warm in the morning and cold by evening. By contrast, new electric radiators allow you to monitor and control your heating room by room.  


Additionally, a grant for new A-rated electric radiators could help cover some of the cost of replacing storage heaters.  

How much do new electric radiators cost in the UK?

Electric radiators are fast emerging as an energy-efficient choice. Sleek and contemporary, with built-in smart features, they're a favourite in modern and period homes.  Calculating the cost of new electric radiators varies depending on your property's size and heating needs. You'll also pay more for radiators with built-in connectivity or unusual design. 


Depending on features and model, expect to pay anywhere between £150 - £500 per radiator.

Electric Radiator Comparisons

Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Can I get a grant to replace my old radiators?

If you’re wondering, “Can I get a grant for central heating?” the answer is yes. In addition to boiler replacements, support is available for switching to modern, super-efficient electric radiators. With the government keen to decarbonise existing housing stock, plenty of options are available. As we head towards Net Zero in 2050, even more are predicted to arise. 


Start your search for energy grants at the Gov.UK website. 

ECO4 Grant overview


The Energy Company Obligation grant, or ECO4, is now in its fourth iteration. If your home qualifies for a grant, you could upgrade your home heating system from inefficient old electric radiators. The scheme covers eligible households in England, Scotland and Wales. 


You could receive significant support for a range of energy-efficient upgrades, including insulation and solar panel installation. To qualify, you must be: 


  • A homeowner or private tenant. 

  • Receiving certain income-related benefits, tax credits or a pension. 

  • Have a home EPC rating of E-G. 

Storage Heater Replacement Grant

Can I get a grant for new radiators? Yes, you can with the Storage Heater Replacement Grant. If your primary source of heating is from faulty and inefficient electric storage heaters, you could get an update through the ECO4 scheme. 


The Storage Heater Replacement Grant covers installing a modern ESH heating system. Your new radiators include built-in smart controls for optimum heat control. 


You can check your eligibility in minutes. Then, you may qualify for a grant that covers 100% of the cost of new radiators. It’s simple to apply, and you could replace your old heating system with renewable and energy-efficient sources like heat pumps or solar.

First Time Central Heating Grant

As of March 2023, your home could be eligible for a First Time Central Heating Grant. You could find this covers the costs of a complete central heating solution, including new radiators. You could be eligible for a grant of between £2,300-£5,500 provided that you qualify: 


  • Receive benefits like Universal Credit, JSA, Child Tax Credit or Pension Credits. 

  • Your home has an EPC rating of E or lower, 

  • You’re a homeowner or private tenant.

Home Upgrade Grant

Backed by the UK government, HUG2 will provide central heating upgrades to low-income households across the UK. If you’re currently off-grid and living in a home with an EPC rating of E-G, you could get a grant for new radiators. 


Before applying, check whether your local authority provides financial support for energy-efficient home improvements.

Alternative finance options for new electric radiators

If you're not receiving benefits, you may still qualify for financial help to install energy-efficient heating. It's also worth shopping around for the best finance deals when buying electric radiators. 

LA Flex 


If you don’t receive any benefits, you might ask, “Can I get a grant for new radiators anyway?” The good news is that you can. You may be eligible for the LA Flex funding scheme if: 


  • Your household income is below the threshold. 

  • Vulnerable people live with you. 

  • People with a health condition made worse by a cold home live with you. 


This scheme helps homeowners not receiving benefits to access grants to install energy-saving solutions. Councils can identify households living in fuel poverty and help them access ECO Flex funding for home improvements. Your council will provide an ECO Flex declaration to help you access a grant for new radiators, boiler upgrades and insulation. 


Flexible purchasing options 


Don’t qualify for a grant for new radiators? When installing a new heating system, shop around for flexible financing options. Most manufacturers offer 0% deals or schemes to spread the cost, including buy now, pay later and interest-bearing repayments. Answer a few straightforward questions, and we’ll match you with new radiators and highly qualified installers in your region. 


Leading manufacturers of electric radiators include: 


  • Dimplex 

  • Haverland 

  • Electrorad 

  • Climastar 

  • Elnur 

Electric Radiator Comparisons

Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers 

Search and compare electric radiators with SpotDif

Electric radiators are a viable alternative for households who can’t heat their homes with gas. With gas boilers set to be banned in new builds by 2025, electric radiators are fast gaining ground as an energy-efficient alternative. And with so many grants and schemes available, there’s never been a better time to get rid of your old electric radiators and install a brand new central heating system. 


If you’re ready to search for the best deals on electric radiators and installation in your area, SpotDif has everything you need. We’ll even help you compare green energy suppliers so your system is sustainable and future-proofed.


Electric Radiator Comparisons

Find your perfect electric radiator supplier, exclusive discounts, deals and the largest range of UK providers
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