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18 Dec 2023

A new study shows how hearing aids can reduce the risk of falling in older people

Tansy Dando
Wealth and Business Writer

A new study shows how hearing aids can reduce the risk of falling in older people

According to a new study, the use of hearing aids can help older people with hearing loss keep their balance, reducing the risk of falls.

Hearing aids can offer those with hearing loss a new lease of life. As well as improving your hearing, they can boost your overall quality of life, helping you socialise more confidently, enjoy music, and embrace the sounds of nature.

But did you know that hearing aids can also improve safety in older people? Hearing is a vital sense, and a new study has found a clear link between hearing loss and falls. The study from the American Geriatrics Society found that hearing aid users are less likely to experience falls. Let’s take a look at the study in more detail.

What’s the link between hearing loss and falling? 

Did you know that falling is the leading injury-related cause of death in people over the age of 75? This sad fact shows the importance of fall prevention in older people. There are several key strategies to help with this, including regular exercises to strengthen muscles and keeping up with any existing medication. 

However, hearing loss can also contribute to falls and balance issues. How? There are three main theories on the matter. Firstly, hearing loss leads to a lack of awareness of your surroundings, so you may not be able to spot people and objects around you as easily. Similarly, poor hearing makes spatial awareness more difficult.

You may also find that hearing loss takes up brain resources — you need to focus on interpreting speech and other sounds, meaning there’s less capacity for navigating space and physicality.

What does the new hearing aid study say?

Many people experience mild hearing loss without realising, and these are the people most at risk of falls. 

The American Geriatrics Society study monitored 300 people with hearing loss and looked at the effect hearing aids had on fall rates. The results indicate that those with hearing aids who wear hearing aids are 50% less likely to fall than those without hearing aids. 

The study further found that prolonged use of hearing aids cut the chance of falling even more. Those who wear their hearing aids for a minimum of four hours each day are up to 65% less likely to fall than people without hearing aids. 

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This new study gives an insight into a key benefit of hearing aids. Beyond improving social interactions and enjoyment of life's sounds, they significantly enhance safety for older individuals. By wearing hearing aids, you're not just reconnecting with the world audibly — you're also taking a proactive step in fall prevention.

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Tansy Dando
Wealth and Business Writer
I aim to bring clarity to the complex sectors of wealth and business with researched content designed to help you make the best financial decisions for your needs.
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