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11 Apr 2024

Exploring the heat pump cost gap in the UK

Anna Dearden
Home Sector Specialist

In light of recent news, concerns have been raised over the ambitious goals set by the UK government. The issue? Heat pumps have been named as a key player in the nation's strategy to combat climate change

However, despite the government's efforts to promote low-carbon heat pumps and the target of installing 600,000 units annually by 2028, the National Audit Office (NAO) highlights a significant disparity between goals and current progress. Despite the government's target, only 55,000 heat pumps were sold in the UK in 2022.

The heat pump cost conundrum

This financial challenge poses a significant barrier when it comes to widespread heat pump adoption. This could be down to the fact that the initial cost of heat pumps remains substantially higher than traditional gas boilers — a factor that deters potential buyers. Although heat pump grants and schemes are available, the overall perception of high expense persists.

In its report, the NAO said that the main reasons for the low uptake are:

  • Limited public awareness of the technology

  • The higher costs relative to gas boilers

  • The lack of long-term financial support for households

Heat pump awareness and alternatives

Limited public knowledge about the benefits and functionality of heat pumps further complicates the issue. Meanwhile, the government's indecision regarding hydrogen as an alternative heating solution adds to the uncertainty, potentially stalling consumer decisions.

Dr Richard Hauxwell-Baldwin, research and campaigns manager at industry body The MCS Foundation, said: "Information provision is not enough. It is an important first step, but we need consistency, clarity and certainty in the messaging."

What do we think?

We recognise that heat pumps are going to play a critical role in the UK’s environmental targets, and it’s our role to make sustainable choices surrounding heat pumps accessible and understandable to our customers. 

By offering heat pump comparison tools, we aim to demystify the process of selecting and installing heat pumps, helping you feel well-informed about your choices.

Heat pumps of the future

It's clear that to meet climate objectives, both awareness and affordability must be addressed when it comes to heat pumps in the UK. As we go forward with these challenges, we’ll remain dedicated to guiding you through this green transition with valuable insights.

For those considering the switch to a more sustainable heating solution, we can help you find the best fit at the right price. Explore your options and join the movement towards a greener future.

Compare heat pumps with SpotDif today.

Anna Dearden
Home Sector Specialist
Combining in-depth research with an interest in all things home improvement, I aim to keep SpotDif readers up to date with interior design trends, renewable energy options, and more.
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