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Podiatrists in South Carolina FAQs

What can a podiatrist do for ingrown toenails?

A podiatrist can treat an ingrown toenail by removing the portion of the nail that is causing the problem. They may also prescribe medication to help with pain and swelling.

How many years do podiatrists go to school?

Podiatrists in the United States must complete four years of undergraduate study followed by four years of graduate study at a podiatric medical school. In total, podiatrists must complete eight years of schooling before they are eligible to practice.

How do podiatrists treat toenail fungus?

Podiatrists treat toenail fungus by removing the affected toenail, treating the underlying infection, and preventing the fungus from spreading. The first step is to remove the affected toenail. This can be done with a surgical procedure called a partial nail avulsion, which involves removing part of the toenail. The nail can also be removed completely (total nail avulsion). After the toenail is removed, the underlying infection is treated. This can be done with oral or topical antifungal medications. The goal of treatment is to prevent the fungus from spreading to other nails and to keep the infection from coming back.

Is a podiatrist a real medical doctor?

A podiatrist is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), also known as a podiatric physician or surgeon, licensed by the state to practice medicine and surgery in the foot and ankle.

What is difference between podiatrist and orthopedist?

The answer is that there is no difference, the 2 words are used interchangeably to describe the same thing… Likewise, a orthopedist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating injuries to the bones and joints, and an orthopedist is also a podiatrist.

How much does it cost to visit a podiatrist?

South Carolina Podiatrist Cost The cost of visiting a podiatrist in South Carolina can vary depending on the specific services required. However, the average cost of a basic consultation is typically between $50 and $200. More complex procedures, such as surgery, can cost several thousand dollars.

How much does podiatrist charge for ingrown toenail?

Most podiatrists in South Carolina charge between $100 and $200 for ingrown toenail surgery. However, there are some podiatrists who charge as much as $500 for the procedure.

What exactly does a podiatrist do?

A podiatrist is a foot doctor who can provide medical care for the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They can perform foot exams, treat injuries, and sometimes perform surgeries.

How is a podiatrist different from a doctor?

The main difference is that a podiatrist does not treat injuries to your feet, ankle, and lower legs, but a physician does. A podiatrist is a doctor who has taken a special course of study to become a podiatric physician, foot doctor, or foot surgeon.

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