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Tree Service in Lincolnshire

A tree service is a company that provides various services related to trees. These services may include tree trimming, tree removal, tree planting, and stump removal. Tree service companies may also provide other services such as tree health assessments, tree risk assessments, and tree fertilization. Lincolnshire is...Read more

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Tree Service in Lincolnshire FAQs

What is the hourly rate for a tree surgeon?

In Lincolnshire, the average hourly rate for a tree surgeon is £25-30. However, this rate can vary depending on the type of work that needs to be carried out, the size of the tree, and the accessibility of the site. For example, tree surgeons who are experienced in working with large trees may charge a higher hourly rate than those who are experienced in working with smaller trees.

How to choose a tree service?

It is important to do some research before hiring a tree service. Some tree services are not licensed or insured, which could end up costing you more money if something goes wrong. Always ask to see proof of insurance and licensing before hiring a tree service. You should also get at least three quotes from different tree services before making a decision. This will allow you to compare prices and services to find the best deal. Always make sure to get the quote in writing before hiring a tree service. When you are comparing quotes, you should also ask each tree service about their experience and qualifications. Make sure they are experienced in the type of work you need done, and ask to see proof of their qualifications. Finally, you should always ask for references from any tree service you are considering hiring. Ask if they have any past clients in the Lincolnshire area that you can contact. This will allow you to get first-hand feedback about the quality of their work.

How much tree removal?

In order to accurately answer this question, we would need more information regarding the specific location in Lincolnshire, as well as the size, type, and condition of the trees in question. With that being said, the average cost of tree removal in the UK is £150-£300 per tree.

How much does a tree cutting service cost?

A tree cutting service in Lincolnshire, UK, typically costs between £50 and £100 per tree, depending on the size of the tree.

How much does a tree surgeon make?

Tree surgeons in the UK earn an average salary of £25,000 per year. However, salaries can range from £15,000 to £35,000 per year, depending on experience, qualifications, and geographical location. For example, tree surgeons in London typically earn higher salaries than those in other parts of the UK.

What do tree removal companies do with the wood?

Most tree removal companies in the UK will either recycle the wood or send it to a landfill. Some companies may also sell the wood to be used for firewood or other purposes.

How much is tree root removal?

The cost of tree root removal will depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of tree, the location of the tree, and the time of year. In Lincolnshire, UK, tree root removal can range from £50 to £200.

How much does it cost to hire a tree surgeon?

The average cost to hire a tree surgeon in the UK is £150-£200 per day. However, the cost will vary depending on the size and type of tree, as well as the location. For example, if you live in a rural area, the cost may be higher due to travel costs.

How much does a tree surgeon earn?

A tree surgeon in Lincolnshire, UK can expect to earn an average salary of £27,500 per year. This figure can vary depending on experience, with entry-level tree surgeons earning around £18,000 per year and more experienced professionals earning up to £40,000 per year. Salaries also vary depending on the specific role, with tree surgeons who work in arboriculture (the care and maintenance of trees) typically earning more than those who work in forestry (the management of forests).

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