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Save on your energy bills with up to €3000 SEAI grants.

Use our free tool to see how much you could save and what grants you could be entitled to.

Reduce your elecricity bills by up to 50%.

Save up to 70% on your year-round hot water.

Sun Solar Generation

Grant for Solar PV

Support is available to all owners of dwellings built and occupied before 2011 and where SEAI have not previously provided support for solar PV system at that address.

The homes energy performance following installation of solar panels must be BER C or better.

Sun Solar Generation

Energy Crisis And Rising Costs

Europe is going through an energy crisis, caused in large, by a fear that there may not be enough gas to keep the lights on this winter.

In recent weeks, Centrica, the UK’s largest energy utility, warned the UK authorities there may not be sufficient gas for the UK’s industries to function properly. A sobering thought when you consider Ireland relies on the UK for up to 70 per cent of its daily gas requirement.

Sun Solar Generation

Save thousands for a limited time only on solar installations for your home.

Cheaper Electricity Bills

This inspection covers all systems of a home: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC,

Alternative Energy Systems,

Pools & Spas.

Improve Your BER

By investing in solar PV, you will also be making an impact on the BER of your home. When it comes to selling your home, a higher BER will add value and help you achieve a higher sale price.

Reduce Emissions

Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consumer will be clean energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Use our free tool to see what you could save by switching to solar, and what grants you could be eligibile for.

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