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Revolutionary Biotech Group Raising pre-IPO

  • UK-Based Biotech Firm
  • Specialists In Novel Patented Alternative Therapy
  • £58m Valuation | Estimated IPO 2023
  • 200 – 300m Market Cap

UK Digital Marketing & PR Group

  • Established Leader In SEO, PPC & Web Development
  • Leading Digital Products & SAAS
  • SME & Blue Chip Client Base
  • White Hat SEO Thought Leader

End-to-End Battery Recycling Circular Economy

  • UK’s 1st Sustainable Circular Economy For Battery Metals
  • Mining & Recycling Facilities
  • Established Board
  • Established Revenue & Forecasts

Tech Platform For Managing Chronic Conditions

  • Technology-Led Chronic Care Delivery Business
  • Patent-Pending Platform

Technology Minerals has IPO’d!

A previous opportunity from our network IPO’d on the London Stock Exchange in November 2021.


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We do not facilitate any raises ourselves. We operate as an introducer, connecting investors with unique opportunities through our network of accredited investment firms and wealth managers. There are 4 key benefits to investing in IPOs, share offers and secondary placings:

Low cost

It’s free to apply for IPOs, share offers and secondary placings through our network. you will only be charged when you trade, the charges may vary from broker to broker.


Our network collectively has been involved in almost every major UK Ipo and share offer available in recent years.


You can easily apply for an IPO, share offer or secondary placings through ISA, junior ISA, SIPP or Fund and Share Accounts offered by our network.

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Through our network, you can get access to share offers and IPOs, secondary placings fund and investment trust launches.


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By submitting your details, we will introduce you directly to an Investor Relations team and share your details with them.

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