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Employment Lawyers in Rutland

Rutland is a county in the East Midlands of England, bounded to the west and north by Leicestershire, to the northeast by Lincolnshire and to the south by Northamptonshire. It is England’s smallest county, with a population of just over 37,000. The county town is Oakham, and other towns include Uppingham, Melton Mowbray and Stamford. Rutl...Read more

Employment Lawyers in Rutland

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Employment Lawyers in Rutland FAQs

How to apply for an employment tribunal?

If you feel you have been treated unfairly at work, you may be able to make a claim to an employment tribunal. Employment tribunals are independent courts that deal with employment disputes. To make a claim to an employment tribunal, you must first fill out a claim form. This form can be obtained from the tribunal service website or by calling the tribunal service helpline. Once you have completed the form, you will need to send it to the address listed on the form. If your claim is accepted, you will be given a date for your hearing. At the hearing, both you and your employer will have the opportunity to present your case. After hearing both sides, the tribunal will make a decision. If you win your case, the tribunal may order your employer to take certain actions, such as paying you compensation or reinstating you to your job.

What do employment lawyers do?

Employment lawyers advise employers and employees on their legal rights and responsibilities in the workplace. They may draft and review employment contracts, advise on termination of employment, and represent clients in employment disputes.

What do employment lawyers deal with?

An Employment Lawyer is a professional that is trained to help clients with issues regarding employment laws. Employment Lawyers help individuals navigate the maze of employment laws, which are different for every state.

Who provides free advice on employment law?

Contact Redmans for a free 20-minute employment law consultation today. We’ll give you advice on your problem at work on a no-obligations basis.

What is a reserved judgement by employment tribunal?

A reserved judgement is a decision made by an employment tribunal that is not given immediately after the hearing. This means that the tribunal will take some time to consider its decision and will give its judgement at a later date. This is usually done when the tribunal feels that it needs more time to consider the evidence or when the case is complex.

How to address an employment tribunal judge?

In the United Kingdom, an employment tribunal judge is typically addressed as “Sir” or “Madam”.

How much does an employment lawyer cost UK?

The average cost of an employment lawyer is £375-£900 per hour for dealing with high value cases. But, the cost of an employment lawyer can vary between £350-£950 if you use one of the leading law firms. Be sure to check the details of each individual case before you decide on the amount you will pay.

Can I take my employer to court?

If you believe you’ve been unlawfully dismissed, you have the right to take legal action against your employer. You can do this through an employment tribunal.

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