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Employment Lawyers in Essex

The field of employment law is constantly evolving, making it a complex and challenging area for both employers and employees. With new legislation and case law coming into effect on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. This is where employment lawyers come in. Employ...Read more

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Employment Lawyers in Essex FAQs

Who can make an employment tribunal claim?

In the UK, an employment tribunal claim can be made by any employee, former employee, or job applicant who believes they have been treated unfairly or unlawfully by their employer. This includes claims of discrimination, unfair dismissal, unpaid wages, and more.

What happens if respondent does not respond employment tribunal?

If a respondent does not respond to an employment tribunal, the tribunal may issue a default judgment in favor of the claimant. The tribunal may also order the respondent to pay the claimant’s costs.

How to address judge in employment tribunal?

The correct way to address a judge in an employment tribunal in the UK is “Sir” or “Madam”.

Who provides free advice on employment law?

Contact Redmans for a free 20-minute employment law consultation today. We’ll give you advice on your problem at work on a no-obligations basis.

Do I need a solicitor to go to employment tribunal?

You don’t have to use a solicitor to make a tribunal claim. You can do the whole process yourself, using free resources available online. The process is the same, whatever route you take.

What is the cost of an employment tribunal?

The cost of an employment tribunal will vary depending on the specific case. However, there are some general fees that are typically associated with these types of cases. For example, the filing fee for an employment tribunal is usually around £160. If the case goes to a full hearing, there may also be fees for things like witnesses and experts. These fees can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. In some cases, the losing party may also be ordered to pay the other party’s costs.

How to make a claim to employment tribunal?

The first step is to contact the Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) early conciliation service to try and resolve the issue with your employer. If you’re still unable to resolve the issue, you can then make a claim to an employment tribunal. The claim must be submitted within 3 months (less one day) of the date of the last act that you’re complaining about. For example, if you were dismissed on 1 April, you would need to submit your claim by 31 June. You can make a claim online, or by post. You will need to include: – your name, address, telephone number and email address – your employer’s name, address and telephone number – the job title or description of the work you were doing – the dates of your employment – the main facts and details of your complaint – the names of any witnesses (if you have any) If you’re making a claim for unfair dismissal, you will also need to include your National Insurance number and your dates of birth. If you’re making a claim for discrimination, you will also need to include the protected characteristic that you believe you’ve been discriminated against on the grounds of. Once you have submitted your claim, the tribunal will send a copy to your employer and ask them to respond. The tribunal will then hold a hearing, where both you and your employer will have the opportunity to present your case

What do employment lawyers deal with?

An Employment Lawyer covers all aspects of Employment Law including but not limited to: Negotiating and Reviewing Employment Contracts. Investigating Complaints of Unlawful Employment Practices. Representing Clients in Employment Litigation.

Can I take my employer to court?

If you believe you have been discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, age or grounds of pregnancy you have a legal right to take action.

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