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Dermatologists in Suffolk

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails. In the United Kingdom, dermatologists are regulated by the General Medical Council. There are approximately 1,500 dermatologists in the UK, with around 300 of these based in London. Su...Read more

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Dermatologists in Suffolk FAQs

What products do dermatologists use?

There are a number of products that dermatologists can use, depending on the condition they are treating. For example, if a dermatologist is treating acne, they may prescribe a topical retinoid, an antibiotic, or a combination of the two. If a dermatologist is treating psoriasis, they may prescribe a corticosteroid, an immunosuppressant, or a biologic.

What do dermatologists major in?

Dermatologists in the UK typically major in medicine, although some may also have a degree in another scientific discipline such as biology. After completing their undergraduate studies, dermatologists must complete a four-year postgraduate training program in dermatology.

What do dermatologists usually do?

A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails. A dermatologist can identify and treat more than 3,000 conditions. These conditions include eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer, among many others.

How much does dermatologist cost UK?

How much does it cost to see a Dermatologist? Book a consultation with one of our experts and get a free cost estimate for a 20-minute consultation. The average price for a 20-minute consultation with a Dermatologist is around £200.

What is the light dermatologists use?

The light dermatologists use is a blue light. This light is used to treat acne by killing the bacteria that cause acne.

What cleansers do dermatologists recommend?

There are a few different types of cleansers that dermatologists recommend. The first type is a gentle cleanser that can be used on a daily basis. These cleansers are usually mild and won’t strip the skin of its natural oils. The second type of cleanser is a medicated cleanser that is used to treat specific skin conditions. These cleansers usually contain active ingredients that can help to treat acne, eczema, or psoriasis. The third type of cleanser is a cleansing milk or cream. These cleansers are usually very moisturizing and are ideal for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Are Dermatologists qualified doctors?

Dermatologists are qualified doctors who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. These include both medical and surgical disciplines. All dermatologists have completed a medical degree and completed a three to five year degree program in dermatology.

Can dermatologists remove acne?

Dermatologists use chemical peels to treat facial acne. Acne lesions are treated with topical antibiotics or tetracycline to minimize the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation or scarring.

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