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UPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the more traditional choices of windows in the UK. They are attached to their frames by hinges at the side. Their hinge positioning means they help with ventilation and can be opened easily and effectively.

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UPVC Sash Windows

A sash window design consists of one or more movable panels (sashes). They have vertical sliding mechanisms. These sashes are separated by glazing bars and counterweights connected by sash cords, this allows them to stay open. Unlike casement windows, sashes open vertically.

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Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully on hot days allowing in that all important breeze! They can also be tilted to let in a little fresh air on cooler days. They are flexible and can be designed to open however you’d like them too – without compromising on security. They have great energy ratings meaning they could significantly reduce your energy bills.

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UPVC Bay Windows

Bay windows are a statement piece. Configured using three individual window units in an angled projection, bay windows can be arranged in a variety of different shapes, from circles to squares. The big benefit of bay windows is they help you create more space in your home.

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Bow Windows

Bow windows offer you versatility by creating the illusion of space and depth by allowing maximum light into your home, without the need for additional building work.

A typical bow window has a top canopy and underside centred support.

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