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Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Sexual harassment lawyers in Pennsylvania, USA specialize in representing clients who have been victims of sexual harassment. They have extensive experience in handling these types of cases and are familiar with the laws that protect victims of sexual harassment. These lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that the...Read more

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Pennsylvania FAQs

Are harassment cases hard to prove?

It is difficult to prove harassment, because the victim must show that the conduct was unwelcome, offensive, and severe enough to cause lasting harm.

What is reasonable person harassment?

“ reasonably foreseeable consequences of an act”.

What are the 4 steps a person should take when reporting a case of harassment?

The 4 Steps to Reporting Harassment are: 1. Identify the Harassment. 2. Communicate the Harassment to a Supervisor or Manager. 3. Take Complaints to an Internal or External Body.

What factors does a court consider in deciding whether there is a viable claim for hostile work environment where do these factors come from?

Courts often look at factors of malice, frequency, and severity to decide if a hostile work environment exists. The elements of a hostile work environment are that the environment was hostile, the work environment was based on sex, and it was based on sex.

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