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Electric vs gas boilers

A boiler is the most important part of your central heating system, as it keeps your radiators running and heats the water for your taps, showers, and bathtubs. Most boilers in the UK run on natural gas obtained automatically from the national gas grid. However, electric boilers are also an option available on the market that you may want to consider.


Runs on electricity

Electric boilers are considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to gas-fired and oil-fired boilers. This is mainly due to their higher efficiency and because they don’t release CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.


99% efficiency

An electric boiler is more efficient than gas as heat is not lost in the pipes and no combustion occurs, meaning you receive more actual heat per unit of fuel that you pay for.


Higher running costs

Because of current electricity tariffs, electric boilers are more expensive to run per unit, costing 28.3p as a standard rate. Although, higher efficiency may mean you won’t to run an electric boiler for as long.


Less maintenance required

The chances of technical malfunctions is far lower with electric boilers. There is no risk of a carbon monoxide leak and they don’t require an annual service either, making them easier and cheaper to maintain than other alternatives.


Cheaper, simpler installation

Because electric boilers can be installed almost anywhere in the home, and the installation process is simple and non-invasive, they can be set up in your home fairly quickly and cheaply, without any additional plumbing required.


Runs on fossil fuels

A gas boiler uses natural gas to generate heat, which is considered to be a more powerful fuel and therefore better at heating larger buildings. This is also the most common type of boiler in the UK, with 85% of homes relying on gas.


85-95% efficiency

A gas boiler can range in efficiency depending on the age of the system, but they are generally always less efficient that electric as more heat is lost in the prcess.


Lower running costs

Gas boilers cost around 7.4p per unit plus your standard charge (around £99/year) to run, making them a cheaper alternative, especially when using gas in larger volumes to heat bigger spaces.


More maintenance required

Gas boilers require a yearly service which can cost between £50-£160. Furthermore, gas boilers generally have more moving parts that can wear out and need replacing or even break and cause carbon monoxide leaks.


More complex installation

Gas boilers require fully operating flue and condensate pipes to deliver heat around your house. If you don’t have these, or they are faulty or in the wrong place, your gas boiler installation could potentially be expensive and lengthy.

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