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    Why switch to GPS tracking?

    Real time updates

    See where vehicles are in real time and keep up to date with traffic and weather conditions. You will also receive immediate updates and alerts about any issues.

    Route optimisation

    Plan routes more efficiently and ensure that drivers stick to the predetermined routes. This will help cut delivery times, plan more fuel efficient routes and save on fuel costs.

    Driver behaviour monitoring

    Improving driver behaviour can help reduce strain on the vehicles and fuel costs. You can collect information on speed, fast acceleration and hard braking, using telematics technology.

    Protection from theft

    In 2022, 1,001,967 vehicles were reported stolen in the UK, that’s 75,000 a month. For vehicles with GPS tracking, 95% of these are returned to their owners.

    Is it right for my business?

    Depending on your company size and industry, you may want to consider a vehicle tracking system to make operations smoother as well as save on costs.

    The insights that GPS tracking provides can hugely benefit service orientated businesses such as taxi companies and couriers. The technology provides a platform for more efficient dispatch and better customer service communications.

    If you’re a haulage or long-distance business looking to maximise route efficiency and save on delivery time and fuel, then GPS tracking can help do this for you.

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