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How Spray Foam Works for You

1. Installation

Once matched, your selected insulation package will be installed by an approved installer.

2. Temperature

The effects will be felt immediately, with the home retaining optimum temperature. Adjust your thermostat to your new insulation.

3. Savings

Energy bills will drop, saving you money on your bills instantly.

Benefits of Spray Foam Over Traditional Insulation

Hear why Jenny chose spray foam insulation
Easy to install
Lasts longer than others
Great moisture & mould deterrence
Grea noise reduction
Adds more strength to buildings
Reduce allergens and pests

Take Control Of Your Energy Bills

Connect with one of UK’s best spray foam insulation installers and take energy bills into your own hands. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Save up to 50% off energy bills with spray foam insulation.

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The Results Are Immediate

Straight after installation, you'll feel the heat savings physically and financially. Your home could be warmer and cheaper to run in 2 weeks time.





4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Spray Foam

Spray foam is the most efficient type of insulation. Millions of UK residents have already taken advantage of spray foam insulation.
Save £1000's in energy bills

Spray foam is 50% more efficient than other forms of insulation. Warm your home efficiently and over the years you can save thousands on your energy bills. You could also increase your EPC rating and increasing the value of your home!

Quality Assured

We promise to only work with the top suppliers, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that the products and installation will be from trusted partners.


Spray foam lasts longer in your home making it the best value for money over time. It’s the best value for money product in the insulation industry.

Eco Friendly

Spray foam is one of the most eco friendly ways you can insulate your home. Reduce your carbon footprint and consume less energy by installing spray foam insulation today.

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How The Process Works

Installing spray foam is easy for an experienced professional. It can be installed mess-free in 2 weeks.

Before installation the area that is being insulated will need to be cleared.


The spray foam installers will apply the product in the required places in a clean and safe process.


Spray foam needs time to ventilate. And you can start benefiting from increased insulation and cheaper energy bills!

How Does SpotDif Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spray Foam insulation?

Spray Foam insulation is a type of insulation that is sprayed onto walls, ceilings, and floors in order to provide a barrier against heat loss or gain. It is made of a liquid foam material that expands to fill gaps and create an airtight seal.

How does Spray Foam insulation work?

Spray foam insulation works through a chemical reaction. This is why the product is so effective and why your home needs to ventilate after completion.

What are the benefits of Spray Foam insulation?

Spray foam is the most effective insulation you can install. Savings up to 50% on energy bills and quick installation makes it a favourite.

How much does Spray Foam insulation cost?

Prices vary depending on the amount of insulation you need. However, there are finance options starting from £50 per month and grants available to reduce the cost.

How long does it take to install Spray Foam insulation?

Spray foam is a quick method of insulation with the process taking up to 2 weeks from start to finish. Get your supplier match in 2 minutes and start now!

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