What are the benefits of a top load washing machine?

Though many of us may not enjoy doing laundry, it’s an essential chore. If you’re looking for a new washing machine, have you considered a top-loaded design? Read on for 6 great benefits of a top load washing machine.  And don’t forget to try SpotDif to get the best price on your new machine!

Benefits of a top load washing machine

Top load washing machines allow you to add your laundry in through a door at the top, rather than at the front. They can be a great investment for several reasons…

1. They’re usually more affordable than front loading models

You’ll notice that a top load washing machine is usually cheaper than a front load model. Over time, running costs may even out but if you’re looking for a lower upfront cost, a top load machine could be your best bet.  At SpotDif, we compare prices from loads of washing machine stockists so you can get the best deal possible.

2. They’re easier to use

Top load washing machines are ideal for those who may not be able to bend down very far. Because you access the machine from the top, there’s no need to worry about crouching down and hurting your back. You can also place the laundry detergent straight in with your clothes rather than adding it to a separate tray or drawer. You may be able to operate your top load washer with one hand, too.

3. You can wash more clothes in one load

Top load washing machines usually have a larger capacity than front load washers. This means you can fit more items in at once – ideal for families.

4. Faster cycle times

Most washers come with a variety of settings and cycles. Top load machines, however, often have faster cycle options than front load washers. Many have 15 to 30-minute cycles that are ideal for a quick rinse, particularly if you want to reduce your water and energy usage.

5. You can add garments in mid-cycle

Have you ever put a laundry load on and then noticed an item lurking at the bottom of the hamper? With a front load washer, you can add the pesky garment in mid-cycle. Front load machines lock automatically once the cycle starts – if they didn’t, you’d end up with water all over the floor!

6. They’re less prone to mold and mildew

With front-load washing machines, you may notice a build-up of mold or mildew around the door’s rubber gasket. This isn’t an issue with top load designs.

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