What are the different types of uPVC windows available?

If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you might want to consider a few different types before settling on your final choice. There are lots of uPVC window varieties out there, so let’s take a look at your options. 

Remember, you don’t have to choose the same window type as the one you’re replacing. Now is your chance to install a fresh style, if that’s what you fancy!

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What is the best type of uPVC window?

There is no “best” type of uPVC window. It’s all about what you want for your home.

uPVC is an excellent all-round window frame material, so any style will have its durable, long-lasting, and super secure properties. 

When deciding on the right style for your home, think about the following:

  • Cost – how much do you want to spend on your replacement windows? Despite being made from the same frame material, some uPVC designs will be more expensive than others. For example, large uPVC bay windows will be more pricey than a small uPVC casement window.
  • Design – what do you want from your windows? Would you like large panes for great views, subtle windows that don’t draw attention, or the most aesthetically pleasing frames possible? This will dictate the designs you’ll want to consider.
  • Functionality – how important is the functionality of your windows to you? While you could get windows that open and close in different ways, you might be satisfied with windows that open with one simple mechanism. Do you want your windows to open wide or just provide some ventilation?

Now let’s take a look at a few different uPVC window styles…

Man installing a window

Types of uPVC windows

These are some of the most popular types of uPVC windows. Ask your window supplier which styles they stock or can custom make for your property.

Casement windows

Casement windows are top-or-side hinged windows. They can be installed singly or in pairs within a common frame. They tend to have a sub-frame that allows them to open, making them smaller than the opening in which they are installed.

Versatile, easy to install, and cost-effective for most homeowners, casement windows are extremely popular.

Flush casement windows

Flush casement windows are very similar to casement windows. However, classic casement windows are lipped, but flush casements are not. These windows don’t protrude at all, giving you a flat window surface. Basically, they sit “flush” against the wall!

These windows are often selected as a more sleek and modern alternative to standard casement windows.

French windows

French windows are a great option if you want a window that opens wide with no central pillar. You’ll get to enjoy unobstructed views of the outside, so they could work well in a room that faces your garden or your prettiest surroundings. 

If you add them to a room on the ground floor, as they open up completely, they can also be used as a potential fire escape.

Bay or bow windows

Bay or bow windows are great for creating the appearance of a larger room. These shaped windows (bay windows are trapezium shaped, while bow windows are semi-circular) are popular in living rooms or front-facing dining rooms as they let in lots of natural light.

If you don’t already have bay or bow windows installed, adding them will completely change the look and feel of your room (both inside and out). They will add dimension, a sense of elegance, and a spacious feel.

Kitchen with bay window and window seat

Sash windows

Sash windows contain two window panes. One glides open vertically (overlapping onto the other). These panes for a more traditional, old-world charm that is often suited to cottage-style properties. However, they can look great in most homes, giving rooms a sweet, romantic feel.

Tilt and turn windows

You can think of tilt and turns as “two in one” windows. These windows have hinges along the side and hinges along the bottom or top (depending on your preference). This allows you to open your windows outwards or inwards like standard panes. But you can also open them at the top or bottom to provide a small (and secure) gap for ventilation.

Are some window types better than others?

You might think that certain window styles will be safer or more insulative than others, but this isn’t the case. As long as your new uPVC windows are double or triple glazed, have a secure locking system, and are installed by professional, accredited window installers, they will all provide the same security, energy efficiency, and longevity benefits.

The best windows for cottages

If you’re looking for a window style that ties into your picturesque cottage-style property, we recommend going for sash windows or casement windows. 

While sash windows are always great for adding a hint of traditional charm, casement windows come in a wide range of sizes and you’ll be able to choose whether they open outwards or inwards. You could even fit them with a Georgian bar to give them an aesthetic multi-pane effect.

Lots of window suppliers give you the option of getting your uPVC windows with a wood-grain finish, which can work well with cottages or older properties. Whether you choose sash, casement, or another window type, you could consider asking about this extra touch.

The best windows for modern homes

We think styles such as flush casement, tilt and turn, French windows, and bay or bow windows all look great in modern homes. It just depends on where in your home you’re getting them installed. 

While French windows work well at the back of the house (perhaps in the kitchen), tilt and turns could be a good choice for bedrooms or bathrooms.

You don’t need to have the same window type in all your rooms, so feel free to mix and match according to the design and functionality you would like in different areas of your house. If you have a modern home, it probably isn’t a listed property — so take advantage of not having any legal constraints on your window choices!

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