Should I repair or replace my window?

It’s easy to forget about your windows and assume that they will last forever. However, like everything, there will come a time when they break or become less functional. When this happens to your windows, you’ll be faced with a choice — to repair or replace?

Here’s how to tell whether you should repair or replace your faulty windows…

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Can I just repair my windows?

Windows typically last for between 15 and 20 years in a property, which can be a helpful guide when thinking about the lifespan of your frames and panes. If you’ve only had your windows for a few years, understandably, you’ll be hesitant to replace them at the first sign of trouble. Plus, you probably don’t need to.

If you’re experiencing minor or fixable issues with a window, like broken components (e.g. handles and locks), it will be cheaper and less wasteful to fix rather than replace. If your window is still quite new and no forceful damage has happened to it (e.g. a broken pane), it’s unlikely that anything substantial is wrong with it.

Still, if your repair work doesn’t help or a professional suggests that you do need a new window, then you can think about getting a replacement. Similarly, if a window is suffering from one of the following problems, you might need a replacement.

Do I need to replace my windows?

It’s usually obvious when your windows need replacing, so if you’re experiencing one or more of the following problems, consider investing in high-quality replacements.

You can see condensation between your panes

If your windows fog up between the panes, this means you have a blown seal in your double glazed windows. This Argon seal is key to their proper functioning. Whether the seal has been blown from impact, age, or an error in manufacturing, you’ll need a replacement. Once the Argon has escaped, and air and moisture have entered the gap, there is no going back.

You have noticed increased heating bills

Energy bills are through the roof right now, so this issue might be difficult to attribute solely to your windows, but old windows often cause higher energy bills for homeowners.

Old panes are much less insulative than new ones. As the warm air can easily escape from your home to the outside air, your heating has to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. And we all know what this means — high energy bills.

If there is another reason why your bills are likely to be high, keep it in mind. But if you notice some of these other signs your windows need replacing, it could be evidence of their poor functionality.

You’re noticing noise from outside

Functional double-glazed (or triple glazed) windows create an effective noise barrier, which helps to keep your home nice and quiet. However, double glazed windows or any single glazed windows will have poor soundproofing capacities. If you’re noticing the noise, new A-rated double glazed windows could make a huge difference.

Your windows are rotting or warping

Sometimes water gets trapped around window frames. Unfortunately, this is the perfect environment for mould to grow. If you have wooden frames, this mould can lead to rot, which can lead to irreversible damage to your window frames.

If you can only see a little bit of mould, treat this yourself as soon as possible. However, if you can see that the windows are rotting and warping, you will need to replace your windows. Sadly, the damage has been done!

You have a draughty house

Is the room where your window is installed particularly draughty? Stand next to your window. Can you feel cold air? If you can feel a draught, your window’s seals might have worn away. 

While you can replace the seals as a temporary solution, this might not be an effective (or cost-effective) long-term fix. Installing high-quality double glazed windows is the only way to put an end to the draughts once and for all.

You’re worried when it rains

If you’re dreading the rain because your windows let water into your home whenever it showers, then you certainly have a faulty window on your hands! Leaky windows are a sure sign of broken seals. As we mentioned above, the best long-term solution for this is to install high quality window replacements.

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